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Get Doctor Moxy

December 20, 2007

doctormoxy.jpgDo you have the moxy to confront your doctor, especially in the face of a serious diagnosis? Facing a diagnosis is not the time to blindly follow your doctor down the primrose path of medicine. The unprecedented quantity of new pharmaceuticals and new high-tech procedures can be a double jeopardy because all doctors in practice do simply that: practice. Doctoring by numbers is not entirely safe when your number is up, so what do you do? You, as the patient make take control. Never assume that the system is going to work for you. You must make the system work for you. Closely scrutinize the drugs the doctor wants you to take. The path of medicine is littered with the tragedy of letting the establishment have its own way. The graveyard is full of people that always trusted others with their health, made little effort on their own part or politely did as they were told without question.

When you tell your doctor you want a second opinion, look for defensiveness or hesitation. A doctor that flies into a rage needs to get the proverbial ax right away. Get a new doctor with decent manners that doesn’t operate in fear and rage.

When visiting a new doctor, find out how long you will have to talk with the doctor or specialist. This can help you to prepare ahead with good questions. After all, it is your health, not the doctor’s health you are discussing.

Never assume that you can remember everything. Being faced with the specter of serious diagnosis will stress you and tends to create forgetfulness. Feel free to keep notes of your appointments or take a small discreet recorder you to keep track of what is said.

Your doctor is not a dictator, but rather works for you as a private contractor. In this case, your doctor is a third party that can brand you with your insurance company as a bad risk that may or may not be correct. A correct diagnosis is important. Being branded with a serious diagnosis without a second opinion is often foolhardy at best. Why? A single doctor is not always right. For that matter, the society of medicine is not all knowing, nor is always correct. As your private contractor, your doctor should also be in the business of customer service. Don’t feel ashamed to call your doctor before an appointment to see if he or she is running on time. If not and you are scheduled for a routine appointment, tell them that you will reschedule. Isn’t your time worth as much to you as it is to your doctor?

Never make a hasty medical decision. Instead, consult with your doctor to what he or she considers as a safe time to choose a course of treatment. Get the details of your diagnosis and treatment and learn about them at your own pace. Be certain that have discussed all options with your doctor including doing nothing at all.

Keep a health care journal and closely scrutinize your medical invoices. If you end up with a serious diagnosis, get copies of your records to take to your other doctors and keep as a history. Assuming the doctor or hospital will take good care of your records is an often incorrect assumption. Getting copies of xrays won’t be free, but you may need them. You did pay for the tests after all is said and done.

Never be afraid to consult with your close friends and those you love and can trust.

When surgery is recommended, always carefully check out the surgeon’s experience. A doctor that has done hundreds of the exact procedure on others like you is a lot better than a newby.

If you fail to follow through to defend your health, you are likely to end up “behind the eight ball”. Can you afford that? Your life is far too precious! Ultimately, you alone are responsible for your health. Blindly trusting others is a mistake. ~ E. Manning

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