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The EOCC and the Wild West of Labor

December 28, 2007

My friend owned a new start-up business and was put out of business through the racial and sexual discrimination of a high-powered real estate company in North Carolina. The events were pretty cut and dried and the evidence was clear. Ruth had been wronged and something had to be done about this injustice. This could have been anyone, but it wasn’t. My friend was on the line.

Needless to say, she didn’t want to take this lying down either. Don’t we have laws to protect against discrimination and the like? To hear the lawyers and the politicians talk about it, you would know it’s true! The first stop was the “state consumer protection agency”. They quickly referred my friend to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC. The attorneys that Ruth spoke to promised that all they needed was an affirmation letter from the EEOC and they would be only too happy to take her case.

eeoc.jpgTo file her complaint, Ruth needed to go to the local EEOC office and I was invited along. As I sat in the office waiting, a poorly-dressed black man came into the room hollering at the receptionist. “I got this letter from you-guys and I can’t get an attorney to talk to me!” They placated him by looking at his letter and confirming that the letter that the EEOC had mailed indicated that he had a case. They told the man to keep making phone calls to attorneys and encouraged him on his way out. Ruth went through the questionnaire and intake process and completed the paperwork necessary as I looked on for support. Yes, the nice EEOC lady said, my friend’s case of discrimination was clear cut. She had a case and would receive her confirmation letter in the mail in about ten days.

Ruth received her letter and called in attorney after attorney. Each one turned her down cold. Each time was a different convenient reason. Then it dawned on me that the public was being sorely used. On closer examination, the EEOC claims to be simply a government reporting agency. They claim to be in charge of all sorts of high powered negotiations and the like. In fact, the morning I was at the EEOC, an EEOC attorney had a labor meeting between an employer and employee regarding sexual discrimination.

On the surface, it is all very real. Yet, what I have discovered is that the cooperation of the employers or third-party is required for the EEOC to do anything meaningful. If someone wants to ignore you and the EOCC, the EEOC is powerless to do a thing about that tactic by itself. The EEOC is happy to act as a negotiator for those that want to negotiate, but the most important function that the EEOC serves is to report what is going on to the Health and Human Services branch of the Federal Government.

What does the Federal Government do with all the information collected by the EEOC? They log all the complaints to keep track of the harm that is being done to the people, supposedly to monitor the protection of the people for the benefit of the people. The evidence shows that nothing could be further from the truth.

The evidence from my interviews with individuals that have suffered injustice and what I have seen myself shows just the opposite. The evidence shows that the government logs this information to formulate ways to keep themselves out of the hot seat and to protect the interests of high-powered business and their lobbyists in Washington.
eeoc_11.gifFrom my observations, the people are generally placated and shuffled around and excuses are rendered. Why? Could it be money? They know that the appearance that they really care is important to you. When you know that this isn’t true, you’ve called their game. As for the attorneys, they want little to do with these kinds of cases. Why? Could it be money? One thing that I have learned, especially bunking here in Tennessee, is this: Attorneys want cases where they can easily extract decent sums of money for doing simple letter writing. Attorneys want easy money like auto accidents. It’s not that I really blame them. Who wants to go broke fighting for justice while listening to complaining fools and their sick stories of abuse?

Friends, this is the farce that the United States has come to. The system designed for the cure is terminally based on falsehood. If you have a problem, I recommend that you do as you are told in your state to secure what rights you want to have. Then, call and write your senator or congressional office every day to press for change. I don’t mean reform. The current system needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up. The track record for the U.S. is that reform within a corrupt institution is useless. Scare the stuffing out of them.

If they get enough phone calls and letters from their constituents, they are apt to listen and respond to make real change. Otherwise, the system remains terminally broken and neglected. People are being ruined every day that you do nothing to push for what is right. If you have been wronged, take your problem to the top and drive them crazy without losing your mind. Just be persistent whether you feel you are winning or not. Politicians, like most people, are creatures of comfort and hate confrontation. Be willing to confront them while keeping your sanity. ~ E. Manning

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