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Human Rights for Animals?

January 2, 2008

animalrights.jpgThis country is assigning more and more rights to animals. It’s true that animal cruelty is a vicious act that requires attention. Last year, two chimps were removed from a San Antonio animal refuge because of terrible, infested conditions. Now, the San Antonio refuge is under new management and has built new facilities to house the two chimps and wants them returned to their home. The shelter that has cared for the chimps since their removal has filed suit against the San Antonio refuge because they have reportedly grown attached to the animals. In the media report, it was mentioned that the goal is that legal decisions must be made according the “wishes of the animal”. Those are the exact words. Can an animal’s equal rights be far behind? Animal rights is the activism of the age while human beings are hard pressed to obtain legal counsel for even the most valid reasons, ostensibly because the poor are a bunch of cranks and liars. There are all kinds of legal issues in which families cannot obtain legal counsel without notable wealth. As a result, discrimination and unfair treatment are the rule rather than the exception. In impoverished areas like Tennessee, families with valid cases are turned down by attorneys and government agencies alike, using lies and deception. For example, people of color and bi-racial couples are unable to obtain the same services others are even though discrimination laws and the Constitution stand behind fair and equal treatment. Yet these people are not able to exercise the rights they have before the Constitution while activists clamor for more and more rights for animals. How can an animal decide who it will stay with? Who will decide such a thing based on what precedent? Will this be decided by more activist judges that already disregard and twist the laws of this country? The rights of animals is exactly what will be decided over the next few years while human rights languish on the altar of expediency and apathy.

It grieves me greatly that a nation of God that recognizes that all men are created equal is able and willing to treat people in such a way while we judicially elevate animals to human status. Animals should not be mistreated, but cannot be elevated to the status of humans in order to protect them. Let’s face it. This country, arguably the greatest in the world, can’t protect the rights of human beings that live here. How can the rights of animals be enforced any better and why should they be?
~ written by guest-host W. Green

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  1. January 14, 2008 12:30 am

    Animals have no rights. In the U.S, we kill a million animals per hour in slaughterhouses that are more brutal and violent than any horror movie – and it’s all legal.

    At hen hatcheries, we kill 250 million newborn male chicks each year by suffocation or throwing them into woodchippers – all legal.

    Pig are “culled” by bludgeoning. Foxes in the fur trade are trapped in a tiny cage for several months and then killed by anal electrocution. Legal. Video evidence shows other fur-bearing animals still alive as their skin is ripped off. No one has been given as much as a hand-slap.

    Here’s how we treat turkeys – routinely:

    Here’s the Hell in which we keep battery hens:

    In research labs, primates undergo the most heinous tortures, sometimes leading to prolonged, suffering deaths. Animal rights groups find these cruelties all the time. The Animal Welfare Act is weak, under-enforced, and full of loopholes. 90 percent of animals in laboratories are not even covered by it. And the science is often notoriously useless and inapplicable to humans.

    Elephants are kidnapped from their families and bashed with bullhooks. These magnificent animals who would roam and swim with their herds in the wild spend most of their lives in chains and perform out of fear.

    Dogs, cats, and rabbits in the puppy mill industry spend their lives in filthy wire cages.

    Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated and their calves are stolen from them so we can have all the milk. The cows are killed at five years old, usually lactating, sometimes pregnant. A Washington Post investigative story revealed that some are fully alive and aware as their sides are split open.

    Dolphins’ families are forced into a cove and slaughtered. The “lucky” one not killed is sold on the black market to “swim with the dolphin” parks.

    Millions of animals are hunted to death. Up to 25 percent are crippled and die slowly.

    We slaughter hundreds of thousands of baby seals, some as young as 12 days old, unable to swim, in plain sight of their mothers.

    Is their racial and gender disparity in the U.S.? Absolutely. Are human rights routinely trampled or compromised? Yes. It’s rotten. I agree with every one of your points about persecution and unfair treatment of humans.

    But – let’s work – let’s pledge – to treat all creatures with respect and kindness. Let us fight against the exploitation of all sentient beings – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or species. All beings who can suffer and who have profound interests deserve rights. Period. Not all rights will be identical. Pigs have no desire to vote, but birds have a right not to be shot out of the sky. All animals should have the right not to be tortured by humans.

    All oppression is linked. In this post I talk about the parallels among all forms of institutionalized exploitation and how compassion for all beings and a united front to end exploitation are among our best hopes for a peaceful and just society:

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