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2008: Imagination and Personal Growth

January 6, 2008

2008 is a chance to start with a clean slate. The politicians, money marketers, economists, doctors, lawyers and myriads of other experts will continue to do whatever they do regardless of what you do. A new year is a good time to look back on the last year and decide what you have done right. Doubtless, you have problems that you would like to go away. Is it possible that you are the problem? Consider that possibility.

2008 is an opportunity for new imagination and personal growth. You may be an accountant that has done nothing but follow every rule since you’ve been born. If you are truly happy with that I congratulate you. You are in a good place for you. What about those of you that live within your own self-created box and realize that fact? How many of you, even with lucrative careers, are really happy? If not, this is time to take stock of your life and get out of automatic thinking that you have indulged in for so long. I am not talking about breaking up your family because you want to blame someone else. I am talking about the person inside your body, but not the person under your belt. I am talking about your mind, your thinking. While you may not be able to undo what has happened in the past, this is your opportunity to do something a little different using constructive thinking. Unfortunately, many people don’t have a clue how to get out of their past or to create to new opportunities. That is because every single one of us, at one time or another get stuck or even lost. Old thinking grows on you. In fact, you may be thinking just like your father or grandfather. Who are you? Do you have a single thought of your own that someone hasn’t planted in you? That’s food for thought. Get quiet and deal with that possibility instead of flooding life with being busy.

One of the simplest ways to create positive change is to find something in your life that you want to change: the smaller, the better for starters. Think differently about what you want to change. Allow for quiet time and get out of old automatic thinking, especially if that thinking is cutting you down. Then allow that change through your new thinking in that one place in your life. Persist in that positive and useful change. When you see good results, begin to change your approach in some other aspect of your life. Over time, you create a new you and along with it, new opportunities for prosperity and personal growth. Changing others around you is not realistic or even probable, but changing yourself is. Over time, you will have recreated yourself and your life will be revitalized as well, with new ideas and opportunities to look forward to. When you have some new success in your life, consider others around you that you might be able to help. Try something new besides focusing only on you every day. You will feel better. Your old associates may not recognize you at all in a few years. Who cares? In time, you will have better ideas and a new life to show for it. Use your imagination. If you run out, try again. Don’t give up. Life is too short to live under oppression, even your own.

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