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Mixing Politics and Religion

January 9, 2008

“Baptist minister and 2008 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee… delivered a sermon of more than 20 minutes on how to be part of “God’s Army” in the middle school cafeteria where the congregation meets.” Washington Post article “When we become believers, it’s as if we have signed up to be part of God’s Army, to be soldiers for Christ,” Huckabee told the enthusiastic audience.

It is Mike Huckabee’s personal choice as a minister to get involved in politics. It is another thing entirely to petition and address “Christians” in the name of God to gain favor in order to get a vote. George Bush petitioned Christians when he needed their help to get elected. That made the difference and got him in the oval office. The most important issue is not any politicians right to address a “Christian church”. Perhaps these Christians should ask themselves a few questions. Did Jesus vote or get involved in politics? Did He suggest that his disciples get involved in politics? Stretch it any way you want, the answer is no and is in fact the polar opposite of the way the world of politics plays it. Politicians use ignorant “Christians” to get votes, even in their own ignorance. It’s all about usury and ignorance, oh…and politics of course. Based on the words of Jesus Christ in scripture from a strictly Christian viewpoint, Mike Huckabee and George Bush are not “soldiers of Christ” as long as they play in the political arena. Leave “Christians” alone and let them vote if and when they choose, like everyone else.


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  1. RexT permalink
    January 15, 2008 9:22 pm

    Pathetic. Huckabee is bad for America.

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