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Political Bigotry Card Reflects Hurt Feelings

January 16, 2008

ace.jpgIf you have been tuned in to the news, you are aware of the recent dispute in the election coverage. The ugly issue of race has come to the surface yet again. When you carefully look at the comments of the American people, you can see that America is a wounded country that has never dealt with its resentment. Bigotry is largely a by-product of resentment. Many women are upset because they believe Ms. Clinton is being mistreated as a woman. People of all sorts are upset because they believe Mr. Obama is being mistreated. Men can even be upset because of unfair treatment in their lives. Bigotry is much larger than race and crosses all boundaries. At one time or the other in our lives, most of us act as bigots in one way or the other, out of hurt feelings or feelings of oppression.

Social bigots are in denial as they shift responsibility of their personal feelings on someone else. It’s a big secret that is often handed down. Denial is exactly what is happening in the election process as everyone lines up to cast blame for something on someone else. This may or may not be real. In the name of insecurity, people make bigotry real. The truth is that people know how they are inside. Some secretly fear that they will be mistreated in the same way they treat others. Some people fear that history will be reversed. Somehow, Mr. Obama will retaliate against them. Bigots are notoriously uncomfortable with their history. It is surprising that the debate in this election centers around Ms. Clinton and Mr. Obama? The human race has grown to secretly love bigotry because it eases the pain of powerlessness. This country was founded in bigotry. Remember the slaves. Oppression and forms of slavery still exist, even in this country. All of this is swept under the rug as if it doesn’t exist. Rest assured, the demon is still here working its perverse magic behind the scenes.

Americans have to want to change. The bitter must look themselves squarely in the face and deal with their personal resentment. The angry must learn to respect that other people matter too and that people are different. The hateful must grow to respect themselves so that they will not continue to oppress others to make themselves feel better. The neglected must be willing to forgive. I am talking about real forgiveness, not a dime-store pep talk. The finger of blame has to stop in order for the victims to heal. Don’t you understand that as a people, we are both the predator and the prey? Only when the ugliness is faced can the nation and people begin to heal.

Elvis Manning


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