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The Money Illusion:Part One

January 21, 2008

moneyillusion.jpgTo most people, money is what gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling. The illusion of money is that as long as you think you have plenty of it, you are just fine. People have been conditioned to think that money is prosperity. In the 1950s, a millionaire was something special and enjoyed notoriety in society. Today, because of inflation and devaluation of that same money, a millionaire is not nearly as special or as wealthy. Society is full of millionaires, but still, most of the world is not even a millionaire. Society has traded money for something else. Most people labor their lives away in an effort to obtain the things they need or dreams they seek. The pool of labor in society and truly benefiting from the efforts of that labor is the stock of society today. Controlling that labor and people that provide that stock is the key to power. The money that we sweat for today is an illusion that represents success in the minds of the conditioned. This very conditioning and the usury of that conditioning is what has subdued mankind from the beginning. Whether you work for money by fiat or work for coins of gold and silver, money is nothing more than perceived value among other men. The people or groups of people that manipulate this value to their favor on an ever-increasing scale are the ones that use your labor to multiply what they have and control.

The illusion is that hard work and productivity create money. In the past, an economy’s wealth was labor and productivity which generated money within a closed system. Today, the labor force receives money in exchange for labor or productivity. The individual may assume that money is created by labor. In the Federal Reserve Banking System, the value of money is no longer national wealth, but is simply bank debt in exchange for the appearance of wealth. Fiat money is not created by labor, production of goods or mining precious metals. Fiat money is not created by lending out the deposits of their customers. Fiat money is created through bank loans using a theoretical device called the fractional reserve. Economies redistribute money that is created by the Federal Reserve Banking System.

In the Federal Reserve System, the only way to replace currency in the present global economy is to take out another loan. Governments now “borrow their way out of debt”. As there is no other source of money creation, a country’s overall ‘debt’ must continually grow. This is reason that national debts throughout the world have escalated in the last forty years.

To find out more about the Federal Reserve and money creation, check out Busted: Bankers and the Digital Economy

Elvis Manning

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