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Bush Prods Congress on Eavesdropping Law

January 31, 2008

Associated Press 1/31/08
wiretap_cover.jpgI find the topic of privacy rights the most interesting of this particular day. President Bush is really drumming home the fact that he wants a permanent “eavesdropping law”. He nobly claims that lawmakers are jeopardizing the nation’s safety by failing to lock surveillance law in place. Congress gave Bush a 15-day extension that allows for continued electronic surveillance. The statement Bush makes is interesting: “I expect members of both political parties to get this work done so our professionals can protect the American people.” What professionals is our noble president talking about and do we really need them focused on the American people?

The current law in question allows for eavesdropping of phone calls and emails of U.S. citizens. Bush and Congress disagree as to whether legal immunity should be given to companies that help the government spy on customers without court warrants. Does anything you know sound much stranger than that? Do you hear total autonomy? Bush is convinced that the current surveillance program helps his unnamed and unknown intelligence professionals to protect Americans by rooting out plans for plotting mass killing. “If these terrorists and extremists are making phone calls into our country, we need to know why they’re calling, what they’re thinking, and what they’re planning.” I give you a thumbs up on that statement Mr. President. However, this is a one-way affair. Monitor calls coming into the U.S. for terrorist activity. For those people that have already been caught dealing with terrorists, get a court order. You have proven that these folks are an internal risk. Leave the rest of America alone. Mr. Bush knows that terrorists outside the U.S. that call into the country are calling someone. Know who that “someone” is and get a court order to tap their calls and not the other way around. Do we really have that many Americans calling terrorists overseas that this should be an issue? What is going on here Mr. Bush? What are you really up to?

Elvis Manning

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