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Calderon Needs to be Slapped

February 13, 2008

calderon.jpgFor those Americans that don’t know, Mexican President Felipe Calderon is visiting the universities of the United States spreading his rare vision and wisdom to impressionable minds. He is avoiding any contact with U.S. government officials in hopes of shaming them into submission. “The worst thing that happened in this country is this anti-Mexican or anti-immigrant perception of people. We need to contain this.”

The United States citizens would not have an anti-immigrant attitude if the Mexican government was in favor of legal immigration. Instead, the Junta chooses to pretend that the United States is a Mexican state where they can send anyone they don’t want or for recruits to send hard-earned money into his country to their impoverished families. He also wants to bring border patrols back to 2005 levels and remove all security so that immigrants are free to roam back and forth at will and drug lords are allowed free commerce and travel without scrutiny of U.S. officials. Mr. Calderon wants all the good things the United States represents: “easy money”.

“You have two economies. One economy is intensive in capital, which is the American economy. One economy is intensive in labor, which is the Mexican economy. We are two complementary economies, and that phenomenon is impossible to stop.” What Mr. Calderon is saying is “Mexico is here to take your money. We are invincible. Do not try to stop us.”

AP Article

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  1. isma permalink
    February 29, 2008 3:56 pm

    man, i can’t think of more ignorant comments than the ones you made…

    Thanks. I’m glad you have an opinion you are willing to share. If everyone agreed, wouldn’t we have a boring world?

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