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Clinton: The Power to Reform in Secret

February 28, 2008

hillary-clinton.jpgHillary Clinton is a lot of things: savvy, smart and tough. Yet her strengths are often her greatest weaknesses. Regardless of what anyone considers as a weakness, dogged persistence is her banner in life. She will not readily accept defeat and she maintains a reservoir of background support. She cannot resist working behind the scenes to legislate new laws to “reform” old law in an effort to meet her standards of rightness and propriety. Listen to her speak at one of the many recent debates and you see the passionate determined person that she is. Ms. Clinton is a “one-woman” dynamo with the same old supporters that she had thirteen years ago and a new generation of enthusiasts that think they want what she does.

kids.jpgAlong with ardent feminist support, Hillary Clinton swept in behind her husband’s presidency with the federal child support law to enforce the infamous Bradley Amendment that had lingered unsupported in the halls of bad law for nearly ten years. The Bradley Amendment was designed to cure the ills of the child support system, provide enforcement rules, reform welfare and reduce poverty. The legislation and its enforcement has failed on all counts, but has built a glorious $6 billion-a-year government bureaucracy: all in the name of innocent children. The scandals of the administration were legion and Ms. Clinton was not an outsider to those scandals. Because of charisma and focus, the Clinton dynamic duo were miraculously able to stay in office two terms.

Ms. Clinton is a relentless planner and prepares ahead to meet her agenda for change. She tried to use the same behind-the-scenes tools with her health care plan back in 1994. By then, enough people were wise to her ways and enough big money was in play to put a kink in her plans. Health care as proposed by her plan was stopped by “special interests”. Do you remember being one of those special interests back in 1994? Public opinion is strong and big pharmaceutical money made it stronger. Ms. Clinton hasn’t given up yet and a pilot of her plan is operating in Massachusetts right now under former Republican presidential candidate, Governor Romney. If she can sequester the power, she will bring the sweeping change of her plan into play after she takes office. Ms. Clinton has done it once and believes she will do it again using the same secret meetings and deceptive trials to justify her actions as well as help her garner the needed tacit support.

What if Ms. Clinton does not make it past the democratic primary? She is still behind the scenes working to make her dreams come true. Mr. Obama seems to be strong and unflappable, but seems to be a nice guy, perhaps too nice for the likes of conniving fellow Democrats. Only time will tell. Since he publicly admits that 95% of his plan is the same as Ms. Clinton’s, perhaps he will sign off on the 5% in the name of unity and expedience as he focuses on the nation’s financial crisis and banking scandal. Ms. Clinton will use her influence and the influence the every person working with her health plan in Massachusetts to try to fly a national plan. She isn’t finished yet.

What if Mr. McCain actually is elected as president? Mr. McCain is old establishment politics at its finest and often votes like a Democrat. He is not as strong as he appears and has proven to over-apologize for any offense taken. He will likely build a compromise with Ms. Clinton and her cronies as she pushes the inevitable need for health care reform in a single payer system, especially in light of the trumped-up success of her trial balloon plan currently functioning in Massachusetts. With the support of Mr. Romney, a republican, the plan will probably see some national action if Americans don’t speak up soon. Voters also need to pay close attention to McCain’s vice-president. Because of Mr. McCain’s age, his vice-president could easily be running the country in a few years. Mr. McCain also has another problem right now as he was not born in the United States, but in Panama. This may create a barrier for presidency if the issue is not overcome. Since he is still running and is the Republican party’s most popular hope, that problem is probably going to be overlooked.

Ms. Clinton’s dream is to sweep into office and induce glorious change for the good of the world. Short of that, she will relentlessly plug at her dream. The fact that a version of her perfect plan is running in Massachusetts and the fact that Republicans and Democrats are involved should raise the alarm of anyone that is not a fan of the health care initiative. Over the years, the Clinton dynamic duo have worked ceaselessly to make the United States a cog of the United Nations and with legislation like the NAFTA agreement and the continual outsourcing of wealth continued by the Bush Administration, have nearly accomplished the goal of the global elite and U.N. power brokers. The New Empire is almost in place.

E. Manning

 Anyone that is interested in a transcript of the February 21 debate can link from here.

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