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Gates Demands More Foreign Workers in USA

March 19, 2008

indiancallcenter.jpgBill Gates recently made another pitch towards getting more H-1B workers in the country, telling Washington that, “America will lose its status as a leader in technological innovation unless it allows more skilled workers to enter the country”. The H-1B visa program, which allows Corporate America to bring foreign workers from overseas to work for them, remains hugely popular. In 2007, the program’s annual cap of 65,000 was met on the first day that applications were accepted. These educated foreign workers are brought into the country to meet a number of temporary needs. Despite the implications by Gates, the exploitation by Multinational Corporate America goes beyond technology applications. Corporate Multinational Deloitte muses proudly, “Financial services continue to lead the way in offshoring.”

Arguably, those 65,000 jobs are being taken from Americans. Arguing that only foreigners are qualified to perform tasks for Multinational Corporate America is absurd. Many companies use H1-B visa workers to ultimately outsource corporate projects. Each year, more Americans continue to be displaced through loss of employment as jobs are outsourced overseas.

U.S. workers have faced relentless economic pressure since the creation of NAFTA by the Clinton Administration. The idea floated by government and employment agencies that the United States is facing a serious shortage of skilled talent is absurd. Record numbers of workers are college graduates with special training. These same college graduates have been continually marginalized. Many highly-qualified Americans with masters degrees are working far beneath their training and education, earning less than $15,000 yearly, even performing as temporary labor. Congress should be passing legislation to protect workers instead of promoting the outsourcing of more jobs overseas. Gates argues that foreign workers come with higher educational qualifications. If this is true, this is largely due through the funding of Multinational Corporations as they carefully construct an atmosphere of indentured servitude of foreigners through the use of education. It isn’t necessarily about the money. When a company can afford to educate a foreign worker at their expense, bring him from overseas as well as house and support him at company expense while maintaining “sponsored lawful employment”, power and control of people becomes the major emphasis. In many cases, these people are pulled from the wilds of third-world countries to function in the capacity of indentured servants for the multinationals.

offshoringjobs.jpgH-1B workers are emphasized as possessing unique talent and earning large sums of money. Evidence shows that sponsored employment is carefully controlled and subject workers are closely monitored. They are subject to being exported and replaced if they do not perform exactly as expected. This gives multinational corporations huge influence and power over their imported workforce. Their housing is usually paid for because foreign workers do not have the means or credit to supply their own housing. The workers are usually housed in grand surroundings because Corporate America simply writes off the expense. Since these workers do not usually drive, they may ride bicycles to work or walk if transportation is not provided.

“We all want the U.S. to continue to be the world’s center for innovation, but our position is at risk,” chided Gates. The innovation of America is not dependent on importing foreigners under corporate “work programs”. How does Corporate America expect America to be a leader in technical innovation by hiring younger and cheaper foreign labor while discarding experience and the very economy of the United States that brought them to corporate power? Unquestionably, Corporate Multinational America is only concerned about their own short-term needs built on usury of human labor. ~ E. Manning

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  1. March 21, 2008 5:38 am

    Who is exporting American jobs while you sleep? Here is a list that is by no means exhaustive. Why do they do it? Because they can and because government policy rewards the behavior. This issue runs far deeper than most Americans think.
    Corporate Job Export List

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