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The Trade Pact and Conflicted Clintons

April 8, 2008

President Bush has fast-tracked a free trade agreement to Congress that involves Colombia. The free trade agreement is designed to remove barrier between the two nations. Democrat have argued that Colombia has not done enough to stop violence in protecting labor activists in that country. The president heartily disagrees. Bush’s move will force lawmakers to vote within 90 days as he wants this legislation to be part of his legacy.

Hillary Clinton publicly opposes a free trade agreement with Colombia, but her husband, the former president, supports it. President Clinton has been public about his support for Colombia’s request for U.S. trade preferences for the last 8 years.

Mr. Clinton has plenty to recommend. He made $800,000 from a Colombian group for promotional appearances in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

Clinton’s chief strategist resigned about a meeting that he had with Colombia to promote the agreement. Mark Penn claims that he met the officials are as the head of his public relations company, a possible conflict-of-interest in the eyes of many.

Hillary Clinton states that her stance is firm. She doesn’t see fallout over the latest campaign departure as important. Ms. Clinton also suggested she dealt with the matter more definitively than Obama did when he faced a similar situation.

Hillary Clinton emphasized a personal push to defeat the Colombia Free Trade Agreement that stands before Congress. Ms. Clinton, formerly a proponent of free trade agreements, has distanced herself from free trade this election year.

Clinton has voiced that new trade policies should be required before the U.S. allows new trade deals. Recently, the senator has repeatedly insisted that she has always been a fierce opponent of NAFTA, an economic treaty that is often considered as a crowning achievement of her husband’s presidency. The free trade issue has continued to dog her on the trail.

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  1. April 24, 2008 10:36 pm

    Amazing that this story has not been followed up in a more aggressive manner by the news media.

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