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SwiftKids: Fun or Child Exploitation?

April 14, 2008

The SwiftKids are a not so new movement sponsored by…well, parents. Let’s face the facts. Kids sell and what’s not to like? What the SwiftKids for Truth are selling depends on your opinion.

The Huffington Post says the SwiftKids are guilty of “publicly parroting filthy propaganda.” Free Republic calls the attacks “shameless and baseless smear campaigns.” A few folks have gone so far as to call SwiftKids psychological child abuse. Others see SwiftKids as especially poignant and even humorous. From looking at the comments posted at The Huffington Post, many Democrats are bitter.

The SwiftKids for Truth advertise themselves as “a dedicated group of young Americans who believe the truth must definitely take precedence over lies…as a response to an overwhelmingly corrupt and indecent system, the Swiftkids represent a fresh breath of anti-corruption and anti-indecency.”

Clearly tongue-in-cheek humor is the norm as you read the biographies of the company CEOs. They obviously use two of the most popular aspects of society, humor and children to make their point. The claim that “Hillary is not a woman” coming out of the mouth of a child is certainly a new experience.

The case for exploitation could easily be made except for one simple truth. Kids and people are exploited every day, even by the political machine that resents the attack. Kids have been used to build legal privilege and power. Nobody is more guilty of this type of ploy than Democratic Senators and Representatives.

The evidence of child exploitation weighs heavily on the mind as you read proposed and finalized legislation in the annals of the Library of Congress. Children are very good tools for big government, empire-building and spending money. Desperate constituents want to believe that someone cares. After Bill Bradley left the Senate, Democrats were quick to employ more uncontrolled radical and generally invasive child legislation. After the legislation takes hold, in typical fashion, very little is actually accomplished. The problems that were going to be solved remain nearly unchanged or continue to worsen. Big government and entitlement continue to grow unabated. Some argue that even if one child is saved or helped, the value of legislation is verified. Whether all Americans agree or not, the precept of throwing money at a problem has proved to be deceptive thinking. Building on the importance of children feels good. That is human. Building a feeling of self-righteousness using children is something else entirely.

The fact is that SwiftKids have many points to make. In the world of the sound bite, these snippets of information not only entertain, but can educate and sway the uninformed from making critical mistakes in judgment. This approach may seem unjustifiable. We live in perilous times. More and more, Americans find themselves in a silent war with lawmakers as civil rights are whittled down. While no candidate is perfect, the need for intelligent upright leaders with a good measure of integrity is more important than ever.

Kids are powerful and lawmakers know this better than anyone else. Lawmakers resent having the tables turned. Were children exploited in the making of these videos? The implication that these children have somehow been victimized isn’t true. The children remain unharmed, although more famous than before. These children meet the definition of exploitation as far as being useful and helpful. Wonderful children grow up to be wonderful adults. What is wrong with that? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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