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American Public Gets Alley Cat Politics

April 16, 2008

“Pennsylvanians don’t need a president who looks down on them,” Clinton croaks. Turning on the television and listening to the news continues to reap the same rewards. When the polls don’t seem to go Clinton’s way, frustration and controversy become the order for the day. Alley cat politics is often heralded to the heights. First, the race card was played. Then, the guilt card was dealt. The bitter card was next. The rot of divisiveness already threatens to split the nation. The good news is that the nation doesn’t have to take the bait.

The problem with politics in the United States is that we have too much bad blood. The country was founded on both the ideal of freedom and the oppression of slavery. The reality of this dichotomy has created social blight and lack of trust.

All the while, Senators and Representatives produce insufficient law like a cursed factory, continually reusing the same adulterated legal precedence as an excuse to get what they want. The same old-guard politicians devise and regurgitate the same old kinds of legislation that never accomplish the task their laws built were designed for. When law doesn’t work, the law is proclaimed a success while more legislation is built on top of the old ineffective law in an effort to make the old law work. Two of the national candidates fall squarely under old-guard lawmaking politics. Does America need more of the last thirty years?

The “guilt by association” card has been played in desperation. Guilt by association is not a useful or constructive ploy in this election. All of the majority candidates are lawmakers in Congress. All are members of the same governmental branch. To kick a candidate down for what someone else says is bad enough. The reality is that such rationale cannot be justified. Remove one candidate because of the guilt card and you must remove them all. To top matters off, candidates are responsible for their own actions and decisions. In this case, the three most popular candidates have a voting record. The country must hold the candidates up to the light of accountability.

The pattern of alley cat mentality has been repeated several times and the media, being what it is, plays into the pattern. In one sense, knowing about the sick behavior of politicians is an important part of the election. The nation no longer has an excuse for failure because of dysfunctional and “undemocratic” behavior.

Obama often walks on the high road of a statesman and doesn’t need to apologize for that walk. Anyone that chooses the high road chooses an honorable course as long as thorny issues can still be addressed. A statesman engenders respect. This country needs more respect.

What is the election really about? The election is about public policy, personality and the ability to unite the country for common cause. The politician that actually possesses unifying qualities is rare indeed. The election is not a marriage of romantic conquest. The election is designed to prepare the country for real action that is to come under the president that is elected.

Each politician should feel compelled to legitimize their existence. When laws don’t work, the laws need to be repealed and entirely rewritten in a way that works. The construction of this country is such that citizens are responsible to hold politicians accountable. The country deserves better than more of the same broken policies.

Go to the Library of Congress or the Senate/Representative website and find out what your politician is doing and has done. Is he/she creating honorary holidays and supporting legislation titles that read “and other matters”? “And other matters” is government-speak for excessive pork barrel spending and tacked-on legislation. The disregard for other people’s money under the guise of good law is astounding.

Next time you hear the word “elitist” muttered, look at the person doing the muttering. Possessing a mind that doesn’t seek to focus on political polarity and alley cat politics is not elitist. Taking an alley cat stand shows little substance, intelligence or ability.

Remember this cruel truth: the president that the nation votes for is the president the nation deserves.

E. Manning

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  1. Alexa McClain permalink
    April 19, 2008 5:06 pm

    Guilt by association? I can walk down mainstreet and at any time have an ex-con or druggie approach me with a smile or hug, remembering that in good times and bad, I was always respectful to the individual. I can walk a little further, and be approached by a smile or a handshake from an Attorney, Judge or Business owner who knows me for my honesty and work ethic. You encounter and associate with many in your life but you can always live your own life by your own the good values…and that’s how you gain respect from everyone who knows you. That’s how Obama will respectfully win this election.

  2. Alexa McClain permalink
    April 19, 2008 4:57 pm

    I truly believe that had Obama spoken those words to the people of Pennsylvania, they would have applauded him for speaking the truth. But once his words were skewered with unintended negativity, they only got to hear and feel a condescending tone. It would be terrible if the very candidate who twisted Obama’s message ended up twisting our hopes for success.


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