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The Polygamists and Children’s Rights

April 17, 2008

A hearing is in place two weeks after forcibly removing all children from a Texas Fundamentalist Mormon Village. The legal demands of the case are huge: 416 children represented by 350 pro-bono attorneys. Naturally, the children have been separated into multiple locations to prevent any Rambo actions on the part any FDLS members.

The action against the polygamist families was prompted by a highly suspicious phone call from an “abused underage teen”. Based on the response from the State, the proof is highly questionable at best. Confusion appears to have been the rule from the beginning of the endeavor. Naturally, the parents made an effort to conceal and protect their children as long as they could. The only strength that the State of Texas and Federal Government has in this case is anti-polygamy laws and the possibility of child abuse.

Was it possible that the State could have moved into the village in a police state fashion while insisting that the parents provide proof that the children were not being abused? Apparently, the State was not comfortable unless they held all the cards including the children.

FLDS members steer away from polygamy by getting officially married only once. After that, the other wives are brought into the fold with a religious ceremony which keeps the marriage unofficial as far as the State is concerned. This could be compared with a corporation that works around the details of tax law to save money. They don’t feel they are doing anything wrong.

Every American knows that the religious and civil rights of these citizens has been and is being violated. Over the years, “children’s rights” has become the political rage and the key to a new political power structure. The State considers itself as the warden of children with rights over parents and increasingly uses this authority as a tool.

The legal reality is that since these women are not officially married, they are in actuality single moms in the eyes of the government. In the eyes of government, there is no sin in being a single mother. In fact, single mothers receive far more tax breaks and opportunities than “nuclear families” do. Government has taken on the role of family healing using tax incentives and societal support mechanisms. In the case of polygamists, “single moms” are living in “communal stables” as large families with one man, presumably a “dad”, supporting them all.

If living alone, these single moms would likely be living off the largess of the federal government, without the support of a community of close peers. Since each mother usually has a large number of children, the reality of government support outside the polygamist system is inevitable. Until two weeks ago, these children cost the State and Federal government nothing. The polygamist families were supported by reasonably wealthy men as husbands and the village mentality of the polygamist community, much like Hillary Clinton trumpeted back in 1995. As of two weeks ago, the children were brought into the U.S. government system and have only a broken foster home and child support system to support them.

No matter how you slice it, the polygamist system is made to sound undesirable and abusive. In fact, polygamy may be very undesirable. However, this country in the past has allowed enough freedom that has allowed people to do pretty much as they please including working around a few rules. When civil rights were removed, they declared their own. More and more, freedom is not the reality that America faces. The State must protect foolish Americans from themselves even though political and economic policy continues to fail the country. The protection that is supplied is simply an expensive and complex political illusion that people are growing comfortable with.

Doubtless, you soon will be hearing tomes of stories carefully extracted from the children about how terrible polygamists are. Outrage will doubtless ensue. The tool of outrage must be on the side of the State. The State would have you believe that children’s rights are more important than all else and that polygamists are hurting their children. Further, the State wants the public to believe that polygamists by their nature are abusive monsters based on the actions of a few men. We also find that the men of the commune are strangely silent and evasive.

The children have been forcefully removed from their homes and put in large holding areas to live under the guise of safety. The shock and horror is real to these children. The mothers have been removed and separated from them. The cost to the taxpayer has been enormous. The cost to raise the children under State care will be equally enormous. Since the children are isolated from their mothers and cannot speak with them, the State assumes more power than ever to mold the lives and minds to achieve State goals for children that are not emotionally equipped to deal with “real world” outside the commune. The pressure is to build proof for State actions. As always, divide and conquer remains a key enforcement policy. When trust can’t be coaxed into being, force is the tool of choice.

As far the media knows, the phone call from the abused teen has never been followed up properly. Reality of abuse has not been determined. The State brought in a nebulous criminal abuse story involving a Dale Evans Barlow. The leader of the FLDS commune, Warren Jeffs, is serving time for being an accomplice to rape. The appearance of impropriety on the part of FLDS is being built aside from sidestepping polygamy law. Officials have indicated that girls as young as thirteen have conceived children. In our American culture, this is considered abusive. The polygamists don’t seem to see this as a problem.

Over and over, the State increasingly makes the case for the single mother as the ultimate form of family. Government legislation proves the point. The single mother model of life empowers the State and removes the power of men. These men are little different from the “lost boys” of the polygamist system. However, that reality doesn’t matter because men are all catalogued as monsters or at least potential monsters. The fact that men are likely to be heartless monsters can be easily drawn from the antics of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and the likes of Warren Jeffs. Feminist policies have leached their way into government and government action. Men are simply raging animals that are not to be trusted.

The State has determined that the polygamist women believe in their system of living and will not side with the State. Since the children must be saved for the greater good of humanity, the mothers have been disassociated from their children. The State is planning to take over the job for them.

Abuse is supposed to be the issue. The State must prove abuse. Will they do it and can they do it quickly? By hook or by crook, they must to save face. A case will be built. These polygamists must pay for violating the law. Their children will also pay and the pain won’t end easily or quickly.

You don’t have to love these people or agree with their lifestyle to see that they are being set up. As a closed community, they may even be wrong based on morals outside the community. Both sides clearly disagree on ethics. In the meantime, who is paying for protecting the children from their parents? You are. Enjoy your new authority as taxpaying surrogate parents.

E. Manning

Also published on CNN

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  1. Net Siparis permalink
    April 10, 2011 3:39 pm

    Very nice , thanks …

  2. April 19, 2008 3:26 pm

    I have nothing against polygamy as long as it’s between consenting adults, not children…if there are are young girls in there with babies and/or pregnant than there is a problem there and it’s the job of the governement to stop the sexual abuse of young girls. If there are “arranged” marriages between older men and young girls, some as young as 13…that is wrong and it’s the governments job to put a stop to it and prosecute whoever is responsible. You said something about them not living off the government as single parents…think again, most mothers in a polygamast society applies and gets welfare and/or food stamps…they seem to shun the government and us taxpayers except to take our money to support their huge families. I heard one report about there being a lot of handicapped children among the 100+ children that were taken out of the compound…I suspect if there is a large number of handicapped children among those removed that it will come out eventually that there is a lot of incest and “marriages” between first cousins and other close relatives.

  3. April 19, 2008 3:16 pm

    Has anyone spoken with leaders of the LDS church in Salt Lake City about the FLDS to hear what the LDS position is regarding the current issue and the FLDS in general?

  4. April 19, 2008 3:15 pm

    Women say “Do ANYTHING to get biological children back” Tell them they must identify children that are theirs,giving identity of biological father age of girl when and if married to who.
    Promise the women they will be returned to facility with children with absolutely no males present. Facility would be supported as they do State prisons.under Governor ,States attorney and all other agencenies deemed appropriate to rehabilitate all residents to the point they could be released to halfway houses until they attain a “normal” outlook meriting return to normal society or after a predetermined period retutned to the facility.All men would be charged individually as appropriate tried and sentenced then if released placed on parole for life

  5. rummagingron permalink
    April 18, 2008 2:40 pm

    This whole thing is a fiasco. Both sides are wrong. The only problem is that you cant make things right unless youre wrong..unless you have the power.

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