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Common Sense and the Democratic Primary

April 20, 2008

Not long ago, Candidate Obama spoke about the frustrations that working people in this country are feeling. Almost every American knows what he said is the truth. Many people are bitter and disillusioned because they believe their government doesn’t hear them.

Media spin-masters have been peddling fake outrage around the clock. John McCain’s campaign called Barack Obama out of touch and elitist. Hillary Clinton used the very same words to pile on with more attacks while claiming that lobbyists represent real people. Aren’t you tired on the same old approaches of the presidential power corps?

The Obama campaign has built on a united campaign of real American people. Most presidential campaigns rely on money from Washington lobbyists and special interest groups. The Obama campaign has been funded by real Americans giving what they can to meet the need. The result has been outstanding and speaks of the time of the nation’s founding fathers. The fledgling nation in the past united behind a movement for change. A similar movement for positive change is in action today.

The attacks from the Clinton campaign on the candidates and on supporters have been relentless. That is how Ms. Clinton operates when she is under pressure. History proves what Ms. Clinton really is. America has too much common sense to be taken in by a grouchy and relentless jezebel that thinks of mostly of personal politics and achievement. “I will demonize anyone that gets in my way” are the very fighting words she used years ago in the effort to get her way. She failed in her mission as fellow lawmakers rallied against her. Ms. Clinton has proved to be negative polarizing force, not a positive one.

Not long ago, one of Clinton’s top aides tried to diminish the Obama campaign’s success by referring to the primaries won as “boutique” states and to Democratic supporters of the campaign as the “latte-sipping crowd.” Is that comment a great effort to build unity within the Democratic party or in the American populace?

According to David Plouffe, thirty states and territories, twice as many as Senator Clinton has won, qualify as “boutique” states. Nearly 15 million people who have voted for Barack Obama may just prove that America drinks plenty of latte. What Hillary Clinton cannot build through divisive attacks or legislation is the greater common sense of the American people. Hillary Clinton has a long and checkered past. Putting that past and a woman of questionable character into the heart of power speaks against common sense of any kind. Everyone knows that Pennsylvania is too smart to throw their country away on more stale policies and dishonesty.

For example, the evidence is clear that Ms. Clinton and her feminist friends moved into action before they could be stopped with the widest sweeps in welfare reform that this country has seen. The result has been the propulsion of the invasive Bradley Amendment that violates the rights of every American on multiple counts, bringing in a new age of federal oppression. Plenty of women with feminist leanings think this is a way to get revenge against “deadbeat dads”. Yet, none of the legislation or its politics has worked except to drive the cost of every facet of government upward as well as utterly failing in its original mission.

The Bradley Amendment is an example of politics as usual. Politics by its nature must be effective and fair-minded policy that lines up with the Constitution. Laws that don’t work must be repealed entirely. Democrats were largely responsible for this legislation, but can take the responsibility to remove all ineffective and abusive law from the books. Unfortunately, this hasn’t happened yet. The power structure has been afraid to relinquish any hold it has.

The “guilt by association” card was played some time ago in desperation in an effort to muddy the political waters. Guilt by association is not a useful or constructive ploy in this election. All of the majority candidates are lawmakers in Congress. All are members of the same governmental branch. To kick a candidate down for what someone else says is bad enough. The reality is that such rationale cannot be justified. Remove one candidate because of the guilt card and you must remove them all. As a member of the voting population, you must remember that candidates are responsible for their own actions and decisions. In this case, the three most popular candidates have a voting record. The country must hold the candidates up to the light of accountability.

Some argue that Obama is merely peddling the idea of hope and reason. The other candidates are peddling more of the same tired internal politics as they continue to copycat past policies and directives, many of which are great mistakes. Barack Obama doesn’t have to peddle unity. The grass roots supporters behind his campaign have already taken care of that.

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  1. April 22, 2008 7:50 pm

    come look at:
    We are trying to create a network of Americans who can collectively express their opinions on the issues of the day. Decision makers rely on pollsters to tell them how you think. Come join us and tell them yourself.

    This network will endeavor to present both data and opinions from all sides of an issue. This will allow you to formulate your opinion and respond to our survey so that we can publish the true pulse “Of The People”.

    As a member of this network, you will present your opinions to the legislative and administrative branches in the government. This independent communication will counteract the special interests and the lobbying groups. This united and independent presentation is the “By The People”.

    A major effort of the network will be to change the way that the government interacts with you. Two hundred years ago, communication was by quill on paper and then delivered by courier on horseback. Today we have modern methods like instant messaging and live video. How do you talk to your legislator? Do you talk to your legislator? Does your legislator talk to you???? Changing this relationship is the “For The People”.

    If you want to be part of this, then come review our first efforts and join the network.

    Also, we ask that you extend this invitation to all of those in your address book. Please forward this to them. Be a friend; let them make the choice, don’t make the choice for them.

  2. April 22, 2008 7:48 pm

    The bit written by TNTalk is one of the best pieces I’ve read that perfectly sums up this Democratic Primary. If victory for Hillary means that she would have to destroy the party and the country she would do it. We do not need someone that self-serving leading our country. Hillary in office would mean politics as usual w/ another career politican in office more concerned about winning than the future of this country!!

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