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Safe Electric Car Heralds the Future

May 4, 2008

The car isn’t clunky. The car meets American safety standards. The car looks like a car is expected to look and performs well. In fact, the Tesla Roadster is too fast.

When you put the pedal to the metal, the lithium ion battery-powered engine emits a powerful hum, like a much quieter version of a jet taking off with a turbine sound. Because the Tesla Roadster has an electric motor, it’s has 100 percent torque all the time. When you accelerate you feel like you are taking off in an airplane.

The price tag is an expensive $109,000 with a fully-loaded price of $124,000. It’s a decent start with mainstreaming an electric vehicle for the American buying public on the upper end of the spectrum.

The car goes from 0 to 60 mph in just under four seconds, topping out at 125 mph and traveling 225 miles on one charge. The Tesla can be fully recharged in 3½ hours, which Tesla officials say should allow most people to drive it to work and back and recharge the Roadster at night, much like a cell phone.

Delivery is slow for buyer now, about 15 months away. Tesla began taking orders last year for the 600 Roadsters Tesla planned to produce in 2008 and sold all of them by October through the Westwood California dealership. The first ones began rolling off the production line six weeks ago, with all of the 2008 models delivered to their owners by March.

The good news is that Tesla plans to develop cheaper family vehicles in the near future. The United States is slow, but has taken a high-tech step in the right direction with a new kind of vehicle made by Americans for Americans with a five-passenger sedan is scheduled for production in 2010.

Americans with money can get excited that they won’t be at the beck and call of big oil for their inner city driving. This gives all Americans hope for a car that they can afford to drive in the near future.

W.R. Greene

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