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Political Double-Speak and Straw Dogs

May 5, 2008

At this late date with what is expected to be a pivotal event in the Democratic primary, one of the candidates is once again seeking shallow resonance with what the mainstream media calls “white working class voters”. Anyone that has two licks of sense should know better than to listen.

The latest debate is over what may be the most lame, most politically-motivated ploy of the primary so far. The gas tax fight is a no brainer and paints the Washington scene with politics as usual. The gas tax holiday straw dog is immeasurably flawed and gimmicky to be realistically considered as a real solution for a nation in real economic pain. The politicians that openly support the measure should be flagged and voted out of office for “politics as usual”. To make matters worse, one of our candidates even noted that big oil was going to pay for the gas tax in the taxpayer’s stead.

At TNTalk!, we have pointed out some realistic reasons and answers for the gas price crisis. The problem with much of the gas price crisis lies not in profiteering from big oil, but rather from “secret policies” within the Federal Government of the United States. You haven’t heard a single politician mention even a measure of the truth except that the gas tax holiday is not a viable answer to anything. Making big oil the scapegoat for government policies is shameful and dishonest.

Long-time politicians like Clinton and McCain should be ashamed at making proposals while setting up straw dogs to knock down in public. Taking the low road is sometimes useful in politics, but if a candidate is going to take such an approach, they’d better be right on the mark. Unfortunately, negative-speaking candidates are rarely held accountable for the reality of their words. In the bipolar world of politics, such ploys have become an expected part of the political process.

More useful in this late moment in the primary would be useful political and economic ideas that are not straw dogs engineered for the election. If you want the same old ideas in Washington, you know exactly what to do. Keep doing exactly the same thing and keep listening to barnyard politics.

As an American citizen and voter, you deserve more than pandering through shallow proposals and straw dog politics. Insanity has been defined as doing the same old things and expecting a different result. Don’t cave in to insanity. Insist on better by refusing to listen to more of the same Washington politics. Eliminate unsubstantiated negativity by voting it out.

E. Manning

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  1. thewizard permalink
    May 9, 2008 1:12 pm

    three strikes. you’re out!

  2. phantasm permalink
    May 6, 2008 1:12 pm

    You can be sure that the knuckle draggers will buy into the McCain-Clinton pettifoggery of a gas tax holiday. They’re all watching American Idol, NASCAR or WWF. As Winston Churchill observed, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”



  1. politico777

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