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Can Libertarians and Constitutionalists Compare With John McCain?

May 12, 2008

Last week, John McCain was almost poetic as he recounted the importance of the Constitution. Many of McCain’s words were beautiful to hear where civil rights and constitutional anchors were concerned. Many came away from the speech with the main idea that he was discussing activist judges. While activist judges have been a reality in the last twenty years, much of the media seemed to have missed the underlying theme of restoring Constitutional Law to America. The reality seemed to be that John McCain actually upheld the ideals and construction of the United States in a single thirty minute time frame. This is what he said, did he not? This constitutional theme is a place where few politicians have dared or cared to tread.

With all the rhetoric involved and transcription involved in the process of making and documenting a campaign speech, plenty of opportunity is left for error. His commitment to the face of the Constitution is commendable and wonderful if you really believe what he is saying. Will he say it again? Is it that important? Millions of Americans want to know. He spoke of a case about eminent domain. He spoke one truth. Apparently his transcriptionist corrected the error by negating what McCain spoke. Which is the truth? For anyone to know the truth, John McCain will have to restate his position and commitment to the Constitution while he clarifies his commitment to eminent domain.

Former Georgia House Representative Bob Barr announced that he is running for president as Libertarian. This is a beautiful thing to be certain, but how seriously are Americans taking the Libertarian Party?

According to Barr, America no longer has to go into a voting booth and hold their nose while they pull the lever. “America deserves better.” Barr believes that his challenge will position him as a true conservative as he expects to draw disenchanted Republican voters and perhaps a few unhappy Democrats.

Barr also stated that the lack of discussion in McCain’s resources reflects “the basic premise of the senator that Washington is Washington, and Washington is fine, we just need to make some adjustments around the corners. We need to do much more than that.”

Barr claims that protecting the defense and defending the United States is job one. He advocates closing military bases abroad that serve no advantage which sounds good, but is quite ambiguous. Overturning the status quo by bringing discretionary spending under control, limiting the size and scope of the federal government and reducing the deficit are also among his objectives.

Barr served as impeachment manager against President Bill Clinton. This may not win brownie points among some Democrats and Hillary fans may run cold. He served as a U.S. attorney before entering Congress. He left the GOP in 2006 over what he called bloated spending and civil liberties intrusions by the Bush administration.

“They want a choice. They believe America has more to offer than what current political situation is serving to us,” Barr said. Choice is great. Choice may salve a few consciences. Whether choice really makes a difference depends on how many Americans climb on board.

The Constitution of the United States is a highly underrated document and increasingly a neglected stepchild of new legal interpretation. The Constitution and the trueness of current law should be a real concern of America. Unfortunately, most Americans put their own temporary self-interest and fear of freedom over the principles that the nation was founded on.

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