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Impatience and Pundits

May 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton’s victory in West Virginia has anchored her resolve to stay in the presidential race. Yet, as far as the presidential nomination, she is a woman without a hope. There is not a clear legal path with her nomination for president in the Democratic Party. She has been putting a large amount of her own money to stay in the race. Does she have a plan to win the nomination or is she hoping for one?

The impatience within party circles to nominate Barack Obama persists. The power players within the party want to stop the relentless Clinton. The powers within the Democratic Party know the importance of competing with Republicans. The Democratic Party must run down John McCain as anathema to the country and the economy in general.

McCain does not have a united following in the Republican camp. Republicans do not seem to be aware of the problem they face in this election. Special elections in Mississippi, Louisiana and Illinois show a rising tide against McCain as Obama gains strength. The Republicans are either galvanized by fear or in apathy as they drift aimlessly in the lame duck Republican year. In response to years of unlimited spending, suddenly Republicans are playing the spendthrift card. Republicans and the administration are reeking havoc over the nation in a declining economy. Bush has ruffled his feathers by threatening to veto legislation that he doesn’t approve of. “Moderate Republicans” have drawn a line in the sand.

Political pundits are running in circles to portend the outcome along with any exciting outcroppings and juicy tidbits. The mileage between now and November is huge and could be filled with potholes. Most people are looking only at the two main parties. Much like black sheep, the Libertarian and Green Party aren’t realistically considered as viable options, as they remain ignored and largely unconsidered. All you need to know is that every person matters this year. Be sure to look at real facts without giving in to sensationalism that is present in the media. Doubtless, America will get a big dose of the sensational. Look for real evidence of corruption, not fabrications and misstatements.

How is a “democratic representative republic” supposed to work? Voters can vote for whomever they want, for whatever reasons they want. They can choose not to vote at all. The representatives in the electoral college are free to do the same. They can do whatever they want for reasons that don’t make any sense at all including posting their vote on Ebay. That is what makes the election so cotton pickin’ exciting.

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