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Tennessee Republicians and Patriotic Cleansing

May 15, 2008

Pride in America is becoming the latest focus as simple-minded politicians and mindless flag wavers try to pretend that everything in America is always great. Michelle Obama has recently come under fire by Tennessee Republicans for stating that she was “proud of America for the first time in her life” in election coverage from Madison, Wisconsin.

A degree of skepticism and reserve of personal approval are in line for the United States. While the country has many good points, a wise citizen cannot wear rose-colored glasses under the pretense that huge divides in human interest and civil rights have existed and do exist in this country. America, for all its’ beauty does not perfect the humanity that resides here.

The idea that any citizen cannot present a measure of cynicism or outright contest with what politicians have done and often do is deceptive thinking in the worse. Patriotism is not about blind devotion to a concept, ideal or fashion. Real patriotism is constructive action that works for improvement with the idea of making the country a better place to live while actually holding up real ideals of value. America has never been able and cannot safely rest on past progress or the laurels of accomplishment and dignity. The simple concept that criticism or lack of enthusiasm about a political, economic idea or situation somehow muddies patriotism is a cheap ploy that diminishes the country and everything good that the ideals of the nation have ever stood for.

The Tennessee Republican Party states that it has always been proud of America. Real patriotism is not blind. Where are the patriots when politicians craft new laws that run counter to the very fabric of the Constitution? Where is the flag waving when American military men are being raped by federal child support laws because women at home can’t live without a man while dad is on the war front risking life and limb? Where is the patriotic music when Americans can’t find work because politicians and corporations have colluded to send jobs overseas? A real patriot does not give a gold stamp of approval to everything that his or her country does.

When a human being is truly intelligent, he or she is able to see the flaws in society, economics and the political world. If he or she is brave enough and resistant to the whim of expediency, a true patriot stands for what is right, even in the face of overwhelming wrong. Flag waving and patriotic music don’t take precedence over real values and integrity.

Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan wisely said of the Tennessee Republican Party, “The RNC rejects these kinds of campaign tactics.”

Taking words and sentences out of context is another sin of both media and history revisionists. The attempt at political cleansing is a reprehensible act. If America is fool enough to fall for lies and distortions of truth, it will reap those lies and distortions as it heads down a common path of destruction and manipulation. The opinion of many so-called patriots is that the ends justify the means where there personal interest is concerned. America’s new brand of patriotism according to the Tennessee Republican Party has been redefined as self-interested flag waving, music playing and profiteering.

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  1. June 2, 2008 11:39 am

    The Tenn. republican congressional committee ads attacking the Obamas are embarassing to me as a person born and raised in the Volunteer state and a former republican. It is obvious to me the rep. party has lost its grip on what is important to the American people They have squandered 8 years that could have been used to address some serious challenges facing us in coming years by taking the country into an impossible to win fight against suicide bombers. To win against individuals who might blow up themselves and others near by, you have to first identify them, and then neutralize them BEFORE they strike. To do that, our soldiers would have to be able to PREDICT WHO might commit suicide and also predict WHEN and WHERE they might attack at anytime now or in the future. Anything less, we would still be at risk. If you think about what they have asked to do by the Bush team, you can better understand why our troops are chosing to end their own life in increasing numbers. Suicide deaths in the military in 2008 to date are equal to losses in all of 2007. If we can’t predict and intervene when our own troops are planning to take their own life how can anyone think we could stop, before they strike, an ememy of the USA who is bent on attacking US citizens at home or anywhere in the world. That is the battle that McCain says we can win. He refuses to recognize that of the millions of people born each day into the world a certain percentage will be capable of committing these random acts of violence. We have been told that terrorists are our biggest threat. Before you just accept this as fact why not check statistics and compare number of US citizens killed in terrorists attacks with the number killed in auto ,plane and train crashes, or the number who die each year from cancer, heart disease and all other health problems made worse by obesity, smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Then try to convince me we should be spending $5000.00 per second on the Iraq war (yes $5000.00 per second, 24/7) instead of fighting the real threats to our lives!!

  2. June 2, 2008 11:34 am

    With two wars costing $5000.00 per seond (yes, per second) and with the first of the baby boom generation turning 65 in three years, all of whom are expecting the social security retirement check they were promised and contributed to their entire working career through payroll confiscations, I mean deductions, anyone who claims we can pay for all this and more and still cut taxes, balance the budget, and pay down the 9+ trillion national debt is … With two wars costing $5000.00 per seond (yes, per second) and with the first of the baby boom generation turning 65 in three years, all of whom are expecting the social security retirement check they were promised and contributed to their entire working career through payroll confiscations, I mean deductions, anyone who claims we can pay for all this and more and still cut taxes, balance the budget, and pay down the 9+ trillion national debt is not being very honest with the American voters.

    Oh wait, that IS what McCain and his fellow republicans ARE saying. Folks, I believe if we don’t get this country back on track, we are going wake up one day and China is going to “forclose” on all the loans we have with them.

  3. JRE permalink
    May 25, 2008 1:25 am

    Haha, just take a look at any exit poll this month OR you could do your own dirty work and find these links (typical diversionary tacit) yourself. He’s wearing the flag pin for a reason now.

    Whining one’s way into the WH is not a winning strategy, now even in the United States of Amerikkka.

  4. May 16, 2008 3:30 pm

    Richard and Jamabelle – Can you cite even one credible an reputable source to substantantiate your allegations? If you’d take a few minutes to check out his homepage and read his positions on the issues you might find it enlightening. You might also discover that he has not proposed raising your taxes. As for your allegations, Richard, that a lot of Obama’s money is coming from Arab nations and muslim and terrorist organizations – just what is your source for such scurrilous allegations? Obama has said very clearly that he totally supports Israel. These oft-repeated canards about his not having done so are just that, canards.

  5. May 16, 2008 2:29 pm

    Obama is a socialist that will not completely and unwaveringly support israel. which will bring WW3. No Jewish person or lover of Israel should ever support him.. his willingness to speak with and work with Iran, syria, Hizbollah and Hamas legitimizes their bad behavior and weakens israel. I truly believe that unbeknowest to Obamaa , all that money he’s getting for his campaign…a lot of it’s coming from Arab nations and muslims and terroist organizations. They are very much for Obama winning, if he wins.. the US pulls out, Israel is weakened..,nothing has been taken out of context…his election helps Hamas, hizbollah, Syria and iran..period. All jewish people, and also Jewish people on the Left coast should suspend donations to his campaign until he comes out and says he will not entrat with people who’d sole goal is the destruction of Israel.

  6. May 16, 2008 1:15 pm

    Obama or his alter ego, Michele, do not say what they mean by “change.” Change what? The only thing I’ve heard is that his administration will raise your taxes, and implement more regulations, strangling hard-working Americans, and punishing those who work hard to achieve the successes they have. He wants to create roadblocks to success, almost guaranteeing that more jobs will be outsourced oversees. An Obama win is a lose-lose proposition for the American taxpayer and for corporations.

  7. May 16, 2008 12:26 pm

    Mr. Obama will say anything to get a vote. Do you believe everything you hear? Obviously you do since you seem to totally trust Barack. Hopefully, he won’t make you regret it.


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