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Hemming in Big Oil Criminals

May 24, 2008

Our politicians need a fall guy “real bad.” The bipolar distorted thinking of Congress can’t admit their personal role in American life. The American way-of-life is in jeopardy as the laws that Congress built are summarily destroying the lifeblood of oil. The need for an election-strength appearance of authority is very important right now. Congress is tightening a noose on big oil “criminals”.

There won’t be any new leases for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and drilling in ANWR is strictly a no-no, even though President Bush claims that ANWR is a great answer to the oil crisis. In the meantime, Congress just allowed a lease to the Cubans, Chinese and Venezuela to drill oil in the gulf. What is that about?

A grand election-scheme to introduce and pass a “cap and trade legislation” bill will increase the price of gasoline by another $1.50 per gallon according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Some speculators say that the cost will be much higher. Cap and trade legislation sounds like exactly what this country needs.

The politicians are shutting down oil fields on federal lands and refuse to allow the development of shale oil fields. The next brilliant strategy of Congress is to pass legislation that allows the United States to sue OPEC. What is that about since OPEC is not under the authority of U.S. law. Perhaps, politicians want to look good. Perhaps they need to file a lawsuit against the world for being so problematic. Will the world listen? Willing suing OPEC solve a single problem that America has?

Congress is slyly eyeing anything that they consider windfall profits while refusing the construction of even one refinery in the last thirty years. Congress is also restricting other energy in nuclear and hydroelectric industries. Coal-to-oil technology won’t be funded as a viable option for fueling this country. Congress is still putting their money into Ethanol which is not viable for widespread use while creating pressure on international and local food prices.

Congress needs a brain overhaul. They are single-handedly destroying the country. It’s madness.


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