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Labor Retraining and Exploitation in America

May 29, 2008

labor.jpgFor years, Americans have been urged to “retrain” or acquire additional skills while facing the trend of sending jobs offshore. The sad fact is that the vast majority of jobs Americans can retrain for are being sent overseas. Skill sets have nothing to do the exportation of American employment. The action of Multinational Corporate exploitation depresses job wages and threatens national productivity on a large scale. What job can an American really train for if Corporate America and Multinational Corporate America is in the process of sending that job overseas? In the meantime, many Americans are busily retraining at their own expense for less skilled employment with lower pay and diminished benefits.

The typical line of propaganda is that corporations reap huge savings by offshoring jobs. While this may be true on balance, corporate outsourcing of U.S. jobs has more to do with power and total control over workers. The theory of trickle-down economics has not proven effective for the last decade as Multinational Corporate America plunders the very consumer base that they hope to attract. In the case of service-centered corporations like Deloitte, the perspective is different, but the result is the same. They are plundering the very base that is being served for corporate profit. Globalization of the job force has proven to greatly weaken the American economy and any resulting job creation. For twenty years, wages have been largely frozen or dropped while prices and inflation continue to spiral upward. The multinationals have put themselves above such petty concerns. Corporate profit today has little to do with any single monetary currency and the United States has been ripe for the picking. National sovereignty now has little impact because Multinational Corporations have become, in effect, their own ruling authorities.

pg1childlabor.jpgThe United States was established on slavery. Slavery was seen as inexpensive labor and control was almost absolute. Economic exploitation of human beings was, in effect, legal, despite the underpinnings of the founding documents. Business strongly desires cheap labor and autonomous control of whatever labor force exists. Economic exploitation is still in place today. The players have simply changed. We have the cadre of international bankers, globalists and multinational capitalists that look for no good other than their own while operating above any law that may be in place. The reach of human exploitation has reached global proportions as sovereign governments wink in agreement. In effect, the world has global governance using the same principles and ideals founded by the Ancient Roman Empire. Methods have changed little: enhanced only to promote power and profitability. The world economy is now stalling in the grip of the corporate oligarchy. Scrooge is still profiteering from the likes of “foolish Bob Cratchit”.

What can be done legally?

– Change tax laws, monetary incentives and subsidies for multinational business.
– Eliminate visa programs that are nothing less than job farming for job outsourcing.
– Reconstruct foreign trade agreements for the benefit of U.S. citizens.
– Realize that national economics are not centered on multinational interests.
– Support economic self-sufficiency instead of global dependence.
– Tell your lawmakers that you want change if you do.

Remember that you are being thrown under the bus by skilled politicians and self-interested global business. You are responsible for what you do or fail to do.

— This is reprise of a very relevant article written recently this year. E.J. Manning is dealing with family business this week. —

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