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Unproven Science, Water Cartels and Human Rights

June 6, 2008

The popular word is that there is no more fresh water on Earth today than there was a million years ago. Good science would dictate that where rain falls determines where fresh water is. Sea water evaporates and is replenished in the same way that fresh water evaporates and is replenished. As a result, the human race has all the raw water resources that are needed. The problem is the purity and form of the water.

Before world-wise scientists came along, the earth took care of itself quite nicely. While ecosystem instabilities and inequities do exist, the planet continually recovers from whatever nature and mankind throw at it. Scientific theory would dictate that we have had ice ages, evolution and million of years of glacial and igneous development. Science, like politics, likes to foster power and authority over truthfully reviewing evidence with known facts.

For years, water has been recognized by conservative investors as an investment opportunity. Governmental entities in the United States usually permit utility companies to maintain a monopoly in a geographic region while setting profit margins just above costs.

Recent research conclusions have suggested that groundwater supplies in some areas of the world will be exhausted in five to 10 years because of increasing demand. The Christian Science Monitor suggested that the next decade is likely to see a cartel of water-exporting entities that rival the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries for dominance in the world economy.

Already, the market has turned bottled water into a commodity. The move is on to use futures and investment to drive the world water supply for profit. Since water sources are threatened by pollution, waterborne disease, and shifts in rain patterns, big business and investors have taken notice. The idea of global warming affecting the world water supply invites new investment and business control opportunities.

Even the Roman Empire recognized the importance of water to their empire as extensive aqueduct systems were built to sustain their power. Corporate business sees the same opportunity to meet the need for their own purposes. Business is meeting demand and profits right now with bottled water.

Disputes over groundwater in the United States between bottled-water companies and citizens is becoming more routine as available resources often shrink because of weather-based shortages. Having a company at the back door making billions of dollars bottling your city water while limiting available city supplies creates public friction. Meanwhile, some advocacy groups want the United Nations to designate water access as a human right. Water access has never been considered as a human right. Is that about to change?

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  1. moniqueth3intern permalink
    June 6, 2008 8:09 pm

    Bottle water is cleaner then the water that come out of the pipes. One more reason to go green by using low pressure shower heads and toilets. More people need to help in the research of water conservation.

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