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Kicking Hillary to the Curb

June 7, 2008

The Democratic political race is at a crossroads. Women all around the nation are holding their breath to see if Barack Obama is listening to the media and to stubborn women that support Hillary Clinton in his party. Will women vote in the next election? What about the perception of women that are Hillary lovers? We can’t disenfranchise women voters or we risk their wrath or apathy! Some say that 18 million voters can’t be wrong!

Unity is a wonderful thing if you have it. However, life experience also shows us that unity cannot be manufactured. True unity doesn’t have a smiley face or disgruntled participants. What’s worse is that catering to furious women usually makes them more furious as they respond to the smell of power that they are handed on a silver platter. Just look at millions of furious women seeking divorce with the court system firmly entrenched behind them as they are given carte blanche endorsement and power, often based on lies and deceipt. The reaction is history repeated over and over and a recipe for self-destruction and lack of respect.

Somehow, the media is second-guessing that Barack Obama is responsible to give Hillary Clinton and a bevy of possibly unhappy supporters exactly what they want. The bigger question is whether Barack Obama will allow his campaign for president to be railroaded by a group of aging politicians and voters that do not understand the dynamics of change or the woodshed of discipline when it is needed.

Now the magnanimously defeated Hillary Clinton is more quietly, yet pridefully and generously offering herself for the vice-presidency to unite the party. The appearance of pride is sickening. If she can achieve the vice-presidency, her swaggering delusions of godhood can still be met using behind-the-scenes activities as she plots her ascension to the throne. A Clinton can still rule the country again!

It’s almost as if Hillary Clinton is tapped out in the Senate, where she cannot possibly do any more for America. The pain of her worthlessness must be intolerable as she perceives an imaginary glass ceiling. The truth is that the lust for power and prestige is never-ending and is ultimately the undoing of all that chase after it.

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  1. June 10, 2008 12:24 pm

    I think that HIllary is now a non-issue. I, for one, am glad that we don’t have to listen to her anymore. All she has ever wanted is to be in charge. That is why she stayed with Bill. That is why she would want to be VP. So that she could ride Obamas’ coat tails into the white house. When the right female candidate runs for office, she will win. Hillary doesn’t cut it.

  2. June 9, 2008 6:45 am

    Barack Obama, democratic presidential nominee, ridiculed John McCain and Hillary Clinton’s proposal to suspend the gas tax. Instead, Obama pushed for suspending the filling of the strategic reserve. On May 13, Obama was successful in leading congress to pass legislation suspending the filling the strategic reserve. Since his plan has been in effect gas prices have skyrocketed. Way to go Barack! Can we afford 4 years of a socialist neophyte?

  3. June 8, 2008 10:44 am

    “Hillary Clinton has a significant part to play as a New York Senator for her constituents. The truth is that the lust for power and prestige is never-ending and is ultimately the undoing of all that chase after it.”

    Here’s the problem with this comment TNTalk … as someone from NY, I can assure you she has done nothing for this state in the 7 years she’s been our Senator. The REAL truth of the matter is that Hillary has ALWAYS had a “never-ending lust for power.” That was the entire reason she ran for the Senate seat in this state. I have been stunned and embarrassed by the fact that my fellow NY’ers continue to support this carpet-bagger. She has absolutely no ties to this state and yet we continue to vote her in office. I mean really – she hadn’t even finished unpacking the stuff she stole from the Whitehouse when she first got elected. Hillary Clinton NEVER had any interest in being a United States Senator. Her entire time, over the past 7 years, has been spent campaigning for the Whitehouse, so its not surprising that she’d offer to “sacrifice” herself in the interest of “party unity” to take the VP spot. Remember … that would mean that she’s one heartbeat away from being President (and she’s already made “off-hand assassination comments)!

    nice to hear the truth from someone in New York! ~ E.M.

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