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The Conflict: Illegal Immigration

June 16, 2008

Many U.S. voters are still angry about illegal immigration, an issue that neither presidential candidate has made central to the election campaign. More often than not, American citizens and voters blame Washington, not immigrants.

George Bush failed last year to convince Congress to pass a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws, with the goal of combining a crackdown on illegal immigration with a new guest-worker program. Most citizens are not in favor of amnesty and instead desire that illegal immigrants follow the laws of America like they are expected to do.

When Congress rejected the legislative overhaul, the Bush administration developed a smattering of administrative measures to build 670 miles of barriers along the border with Mexico. They even awarded Boeing a contract for a virtual fence for a 28 mile stretch of border in Arizona. Interestingly, the technology has failed to work on a rudimentary level, even though the money has already been spent.

Meanwhile, the Bush administration has maintained that a major policy overhaul is needed to ensure there are enough immigrant workers for high-skilled technical jobs as well as low-skilled agricultural labor.

Clearly, the Federal government is extremely double-minded about this issue. Essentially, the outlook should be that we don’t need illegal immigrants for anything. We need law-abiding hard-working American citizens, not a slave class of sub-citizens to clean our Congressional bathrooms or to run State Department computers.

Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff claims that the United States is having problems with paperwork and manpower in dealing with illegals. Meanwhile, Chertoff claims that the pace of illegal traffic is down 16%.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is way behind on doing background checks for citizenship. Some Democrats argue that the administration is preventing bringing citizens into the country with the idea of stalling new voters. Some Democrats unapologetically believe that the Bush administration is standing in the way of immigration because every new immigrant will certainly vote for a Democratic candidate in any upcoming election.

This highlights that unbalanced, unreasoned and power hungry thinking that is present in government circles today. From the appearance of the political scene regarding illegal immigration, this nation would do as well by running the country from an elementary school playground.

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