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Americans Move to Save Gas

June 18, 2008

The heat is on between President Bush and Congress. Bush is stubbornly waiting on Congress to drop the legislative ban on national offshore drilling for oil. Meanwhile, he refuses to set a presidential example.

While politicians fight among themselves, the American people are taking it upon themselves to deal with the hand they have been dealt. Americans are good at taking lemons and making lemonade. In the past, Americans have created urban sprawl as the population in general has moved farther and farther from work and the big city. Now, many smart Americans are making a change. They are moving.

Gas prices are changing the minds of Americans as to where they choose to live. Distance to work, public transportation and travel for shopping time are being realistically considered over attributes of the perfect living quarters.

The search for city digs may drive up the prices of homes and apartments near urban centers, subway, train and bus stops. There is already some evidence to suggest this possibility.

For years, many Americans have sacrificed by spending hours on the road to drive to their dream life in the country where they can enjoy life unencumbered on weekends.

Unfortunately, most homeowners are royally stuck with the housing market and in their house as the financial pressures build. Renters don’t have these constraints. Deciding not to renew a lease is much easier than selling real estate.

Americans are not necessarily thrilled. Their quality of life may not be as good for the short-term, but they can afford to eat and have a life beyond gasoline. This reality demonstrates how close most Americans are as far as meeting their basic expenses. Hard choices are being made.

Not only are Americans deciding to save on gas, they have other benefits to reap as well. The enticement of fast food on long trips back and forth home vanishes. Taking up healthy practices like walking and biking in the city has long-term benefits as well.

Some politicians and energy watchers want to enforce a 55-mph speed limit once again. Most Americans are smarter than this and are choosing to take matters into their own hands.

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