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Politicians Continue Attack on Constitutional Rights

June 27, 2008

Senators say men must take responsibility for raising their children.

Back on Father’s Day, Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama made what was supposed to be inflammatory comments against absentee fathers, notably African-American ones. Barack Obama, like many Democrats, seems to have plenty on his mind that he isn’t saying clearly.

Democrats are sponsoring an effort through Senators Barack Obama and Evan Bayh to intensify child support enforcement. On the surface, this appears to be a good idea. However, what is not said is that major areas of child support law are absolutely unconstitutional, sponsored by Democrats and others as far back as the Bradley Amendment in the 1980s. None of the federal law has been repealed.

The country has a national epidemic of absentee fathers. This much may be true as statistics reveal, but Senators are looking at a symptom rather than a cause. However, creative Democrats have designed “The Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Families Act of 2007″ as their latest social engineering effort.

The legislation claims to offer support for fathers trying to do the right thing while cracking down on men that avoid “parental responsibility”. The bill is designed to provide fathers with “innovative job training” and other nameless economic opportunities while using a typical social engineering tool called the “Earned Income Tax Credit.” Hillary Clinton favored the same kind of tactics. The idea is to “help” non-custodial parents to support their families.

Combined with the unconstitutional Bradley Amendment and other similarly-styled state laws, the idea is designed to encourage the idea of outright slavery to government authority in the name of doing the right thing because, after all, the government is always there to help honest men. The track record of politicians since the Clinton presidential daze has proved otherwise as feminists took advantage of opportunities to oppress men in the name of child law, welfare reform and rightful propriety.

The “Bayh-Obama legislation” is designed to strengthen violence prevention services, once again looking at symptoms rather than causes. The proposed law is supposed to ensure that money paid for child support goes “directly to children and their mothers”, without loss of food assistance for eligible families. The same old stinking thinking that mothers are without cause in the whole process of divorce and child-rearing is offensive. The fact that politicians want to green-stamp domestic violence by supporting negative parental attitudes, including sexual immorality is even more reprehensible. Women and men are not saints and law needs to stop treating them like saints.

Senator Evan Bayh stated, “Fatherlessness is an issue many politicians would prefer to avoid, but elected officials have a moral obligation not to sit idly by while communities crumble because of the epidemic of absentee fathers. I am not naïve enough to believe that government alone can solve this problem, but together we can play a constructive role in crafting policies that attack the root causes of this epidemic.” Unfortunately, government tactics of the past have not and do not encourage family-building, but rather societal destruction.

It can be argued that the welfare system and even child support measures are a wonderful thing for many. However, the cost to the country cannot be unconstitutional state and federal laws that are supported by politicians. An example is the federal Bradley Amendment along with a flotilla of state laws that support the violation of a number of Constitutional Rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Some state judges are revealing laws as unconstitutional and repealing them.

Currently these Constitutional Rights are actively violated as well as other civil rights:

1. violation of due process under the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments
2. deprives equal protection under the law
3. violation of state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment
4. violation of natural human rights under the 9th Amendment

In a typical multi-pronged attack, the U.S. House of Representatives has companion legislation that is being introduced by Democrats Julia Carson and Danny Davis. Earmark spending is certain to follow as the legislation is crafted and agreed upon between the two legislative bodies.

Last year, Congress passed legislation based on a proposal introduced by Senator Bayh that provided up to $50 million each year for the next five years in funding for responsible fatherhood programs nationwide as part of a spending reconciliation bill to prepare for future legislation that is on the board now.

Does this political scene sound like the new politics of hope to you?

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  1. September 7, 2008 3:23 pm

    I wonder what kind of effect this is going to have on contraception sales… vasectomies… and abortion clinics when folks (especially men) embrace the concept that child birth prevention is the only REAL means of escaping indentured enslavement to the Corporate American Beast? One who lusts after your progeny so they can become blood sacrifices to the God of Mammon (love of money/power/position) once they have acquired optimal programming via the media?

    Do you get the impression that women will soon be mere baby makers… men sperm donors… and the government parents? Makes Palin’s choice for the VP slot….take on a whole new hue eh? Just why would our leaders be ensuring that “we the People” have NO redress even if raped or are carrying a disabled child… NO sex education… just faith based abstinence only rhetoric… and hypocrisy (evidenced not to work even in the context of the Palin nomination)… and a bent toward NO contraception? And now….what are they trying to do with fathers? (real or imagined)

    The government can kill (death penalty) and fashion our children into killers (military) any time it desires but our ability to choose what can be done to our own body and how we will raise our children… is being stripped from us all while we are demanding that it be done due our fear based superstitious society… perpetuated by a self serving media. SCARY

  2. Older permalink
    July 21, 2008 2:44 pm

    Don’t worry about legislation introduced by Obama – he has missed more than 40% of the Senate votes this year. He only shows up to promote his more than 321 million in pork spending. We sure have a winner running for Pres!

  3. July 14, 2008 5:52 pm

    Maybe Barack Obama should try to do some research and take a trip into the jail houses. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks for not having the ability to pay.

    While this article is focused on Barack Obama, I’ll have you know that John McCain is just as guilty of overlooking the problem. What is worse, I have contacted both of them about the problem. The result has been “no comment”. Neither of the top-running candidates wants anything to do with the rampant injustice of this issue! ~E.M.

  4. July 14, 2008 5:40 pm

    Family court corruption is real. I am sick of this crap! There are good fathers and they are bad ones. I find it funny that there is no talk about bad mothers. The cost of living isn’t because of bad fathers. This is not about the kids; this is about money, tax money. The government doesn’t want to spend tax money on the people. “This is F-ing bull.” The government has been F-ing the world up the day they took power. I love my son and I always been there for him until the day the courts came into our lives. My son would never go without, you F-ing asses. The courts pushed me out of my sons’ life and made me a pay check. I F-ing hate the Judges and the people who back them up. They know they are hurting the kids. You make me pay money and allow me to see my son every other weekend, “F**K YOU”! After 12 years of all I have done. The late night feedings, diaper changing, trips to the park. I have invested my life into him. The government took it all away.

  5. eilorhturt permalink
    July 10, 2008 2:45 pm

    Responsible fatherhood programs costing the taxpyers $50 million dollars?

    Sounds just like bonehead liberalism!

    Liberalism thinks it can legislate being a good

    father, just like they think they can legislate

    everything else. costing taxpayers billions!

    and we fall for it.



  6. pmmy permalink
    July 1, 2008 11:48 am

    I think there are to many fathers getting away with making babys and not taking care of them i don’t think they should be forced back into the childs life or the mothers life if that is not wanted h*** no, but to be forced to pay child support i think is the right idea and so what if there is a plan to help them out with educateing them and giving some kind of job training and job readyness, eveyone can benefit from that, mothers children and the fathers, i think the world is so screwed up because so many people don’t want to take responsibility for thier lives or thier actions, there’s so much finger pointing going on and not enough remedy to our problems.
    Government can’t fix everything they can’t give us family values and teach us how to love and care for our familys friends or even man kind, that is something we should all do as human beings, people are just to hypocritical and insincere and so dang instigateing and full of hatered it’s crazy, how can any of us be helped if everytime someone comes along with an idea as to how to handle the problems of the world people lose thier damn minds and tear it down it’s almost like they just want bad situations to get worse and worse.And please saying let the babys die that is ignorant.
    Mr.Obama wanting to talk to those in the middle east is causeing big problems please look thank Mr.Bush for that and only him. Obama ain’t got no power right now to do squat as far as the middle east goes so please get over that, if another war breaks out it sure won’t be because of anything Obama said or did. lets get really real here people.

    “I think El Rushbo said this about 12 years ago: “You can’t legislate morality. It’s failed every time its’ been tried.” That is memorable and I believe correct. Violating the Constitution under the pretense of legislating morality is simply criminal. ~ E.M.

  7. June 27, 2008 10:11 pm

    nope…same old crap…

    this will come about due to Obamas foolishness… he has already caused a racheting up in the ME due to his willingness to speak with Iran/Hizbollah/Hamas has emboldebned them and made Israel very nervouus They were nervous prior to the Aipac meeting, then he did not impress there and came out and told the Arab world the partition of Jerusalm was Viable. The next day the Israeli Transportation minister(who is the minister that liasons with the US defense dept) announces that if Iran goes nuclear Israel will have to attack…Iran waits 2 days and then makes rhetorical threats, a week later polls come out in the US showing McCain weakening….within a week Israel holds major military excercices that appear to show attack ability as far as Irans nuclear facilities. 2 days later Iran flusters Rhetorically and the Iranian head of the UN’s IAEA El Baradi comes out and makes threats for the region…if Obama does not change his position on on talking to Arab/Persian Muslim terrorists Iran/Hizbollah /Hamas, Israel will be forced to attck prior to the end of September, China will be upset…if Iran attempts to use dirty or chenical weapons through Hamas or Hizbollah, Israel will have to Nuke Iran…they will be right and correct to do so. Oil will got to 550, gas 20 food shortages will occur, followed by famine, pestilence and disease in asia and africa., We should not care what other countries think around the world..only our proven allies, I am just telling the truth , as you may have noted, everything I said was going to happen for the last few weeks due to Obama’s position on Iran/Hizbollah/Hamas Vs Israel since the Aipac meeting has come to fruition…I was making these predictions prior to the meeting happening and knew this would be the case…Obama has no clue of what he is dealing with in the ME, and to assume that Iran/Hizbollah/Hamas can be spoken to and reasoned with by western standards is ignorant and shows no understanding of the cultural historical bevaior of Arab/Persian Muslim Govts. The racheting up is squarely Obamas fault… and if Iran does not back down on nuclear, the war that breaks out in the ME will be squarely his fault for saying he would speak with Iran/Hizbollah/Hamas and that the partition of Jerusalm is viable…And lastly El baredi of the IAEA is Iranian… the UN and him have no credibility on this issue as anti israeli shillst know about this…

  8. June 27, 2008 9:06 pm

    I completely agree with you!
    I say, let the babies of these dead-beat dads die!

    Well Kurt, I didn’t say that, but your feelings are understandable considering the circumstances. I feel your pain! ~ E.M.


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