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International Data Agreement Compromises Privacy

June 29, 2008

national securityThe United States and the European Union are in the final phases of completing an agreement that allow the exchange of personal information and data between law enforcement and security concerns. Most of the draft language is complete.

The US/EU security agreement would allow security and police officials to obtain private information including fingerprints, DNA data, credit card transactions, travel history and internet browsing habits. In case you didn’t know, this should be confirmation that all your movements are being watched wherever possible. This agreement plans to link the powers of the world to your personal information.

Apparently, for the moment, privacy concerns in the United States remain an issue that is slowing the agreement down. Who is negotiating your personal information? In the United States, the Justice Department, the State Department and U.S. Homeland Security is bartering your freedom and right to privacy to foreign interests in the name of national security.

homeland security attackThis groundbreaking measure is supposed to be used to facilitate the exchange of information on suspected terrorists. The whole affair started as an agreement to share international passenger information in order to heighten security measures after 911.

Even in Britain, “privacy campaigners” have claimed that the agreement would allow Americans to carry out “fishing expeditions”against anyone deemed to be of interest, further undermining individual privacy.

Meanwhile, government officials are undecided whether European citizens should be able to sue the US government over handling of personal data or visa versa. Proponents counter that information exchanged will not be full-scale transfer of data between Europe and the United States. The agreement “merely” provides for wide access to data that are supposed to be protected under EU and US law.

looking for terroristsWhat do you think? This agreement is definitely a major civil liberties question mark. Is the idea behind international peace and security so strong that you desire to make your personal information across the board available to foreign and international powers? The idea is to share information on terrorists. You and I also know that this agreement is capable compromising your integrity and personal freedoms in a world that is continually encroaching on those freedoms. As bizarre and paranoid as the truth may sound, never forget that today’s honest man can be labeled as a terrorist depending on national or international mood and politics. Allowing international politicians access to your personal information is a questionable move at best. If you are still uncertain, try finding and viewing a copy of the old movie “Fahreinheit 451”. You might get the idea.

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