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Ways to Really Lower Gas Prices

July 2, 2008

When Americans get their dander up in unity, they can accomplish anything: even with uncooperative politicians. This was proved with the founding of this country and has been proved since that time. TNTalk! has covered many facts as well as antidotes to the oil crisis. The bottom line is that politicians have created the crisis. Americans have allowed it. Americans must stop the abuse.


Immediately dump a large quantity of the strategic petroleum reserve on the market. Every speculator in the world that has gambled on oil prices will lose their shirt and will be out of business overnight. If the president gave advance notice of the event, the price of oil would plummet overnight simply from fear. The market would never be the same. Nobody wants to be bankrupt, much less a speculative investor.

The United States should look for oil where it is. This writer has discussed the availability of immense reserves of shale oil that is currently illegal to tap. We have three times the oil capability of Saudi Arabia in those reserves alone. Congress has also decided to pass legislation to sue OPEC. Does that suing a foreign cartel make any sense? Huge reserves have been discovered under the Atlantic Ocean. Congress has made Atlantic Ocean oil recovery illegal. Congress has made Pacific Ocean oil recovery illegal. Further exploration in Alaska is banned.

Maximize the use of alternative fuels. Hybrid vehicles, flex fuel and electric cars are transitional mainstream means of alternative fuels. Smart Americans actually are coming up with new solutions for energy independence. Science, technology and ingenuity are a worldwide phenomenon when you keep big government out of the energy business. Nuclear energy has reserve capacity in off-peak hours to generate hydrogen for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Turning up the pressure on Congress to achieve real energy independence is the American Way. Even if you don’t believe for 5 minutes that a politician will listen to you, you need to get off your stump and write a short disciplined letter telling them to correct the problem with American natural resources now. It is time to declare energy independence.

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