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American Citizenship Ain’t What it Used to be

July 8, 2008

In recent years, with the proliferation of today’s view of legal precedence, judges are more and more in the driver’s seat where making law is concerned. On June 12, five justices decided that suspected terrorists captured in foreign lands were to be tried in an American civilian court with full Constitutional Rights guaranteed to U.S. citizens. This is strange policy considering that these kinds of matters have been handled in military courts for years.

Some freedom fighters contend that this finding is outrageous because the ruling impedes the national ability to fight the “War on Terror”. The Supreme Court has decided that foreigners must be treated as American citizens. What is alarming is not the scuttlebutt between the judicial branch and the legislative branch. Judges have been creating law for years. Just look at the likes of Roe v. Wade and you will see creative lawmaking at its’ finest based on what is called legal precedence. Contention and power plays are old hat with firmly planted politicians and judges. Both are guilty of rendering the Constitution as little more than a piece of paper with trite suggestions.

What is truly alarming is the “dumbing down” of America. Because of this ruling, everyone in world can theoretically be tried in an American court as an American citizen. Being a citizen of this country no longer holds the power or benefits that it once did. The ability of foreigners to receive special Constitutional privileges in the name of proper justice has crashed the glass ceiling of American Rights.

Some consider the measured crime of these foreigners as terrorists as the reprehensible act that shames the Supreme Court. What is reprehensible is the systematic destruction of the U.S. Constitution in the name of a new brand of justice. Foreigners and aliens in the United States cannot have the same rights and privileges as American citizens. To receive Constitutional Rights in the past, it was certainly held that being a citizen was necessary. In fact, the desire of many was to join this country as a naturalized citizen because of the unique system and privileges held in this country. Apparently, this is no longer the case.

Whether you approve of terrorists or not, these foreigners have received approval by the Supreme Court for full protection under Constitutional Law. Does it really make any difference what crime has been perpetrated? Aliens, at least until now, have not been guaranteed Constitutional Rights. With the erosion of law by illegals over the last twenty years and the political power they hold, the rights of the citizenry are not nearly so grand or desirable. Anyone can come into this country and live off the welfare state. Anyone can come into this country and fully expect to do as they please if they please and in many cases, are never deported. Aliens often possess the illusion of American citizenship. After all, isn’t everyone in this country here on a legal basis? Obviously, this conclusion has rendered the rights of an American citizen as an honorary title to be traded for political and judicial expedience in the name of mercy, propriety and human rights. Being an American just isn’t what it used to be.

The Supreme Court has just ruled that terrorists have the right to be tried under more lenient laws than U.S. troops, live in more comfortable accommodations and to receive the support of public defenders coupled with the full benefit of American liberties.

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  1. July 21, 2008 2:26 pm

    NoBliss – careful, I hear Guantanomo is very rainy this time of year! Southeners are really terrorists in hiding. Where are the real American Citizens – Mexico?

  2. July 21, 2008 2:23 pm

    Hey I am a Southerner by birth and for some 45 years, until I moved to the Great North, I take some umbrage to comments by those who try to hide behind the whole Civil War was based on States’ Rights argument. Also, why do Southerners like you always show your ignorance by making statements with racial overtones meant to cause trouble? I am against the whole politically correctness of the day, but I still feel as if we owe it to all people, including people of color, to at least be respectful of them as humans. One can still be proud of their heritage without using it to disparage another’s herittage.

    I will gladly debate any of these issues and more if you can bring rational debate, complete with real data to the table, not some list of books written by like minded people.

    As for the “NO child left behind,” that was never intended as a social promotion event. It was designed to make certain that all students have access to the same information, that those students be given a chance and not just put on the back burner to simmer until done. There is nothing wrong with being considerate of a child’s psyche, just as in my book there is nothing wrong with a little smack on the rear end when warranted.

    Now as for the writer of this post. If as Americans we are not willing to provide the same protection under our laws to everyone regardless of their nationality, then we have failed as a nation of forward thinking people. Human rights should be the basis for all decisions, and a fair trial is the least of those human rights. If the offender is guilty, then let the law deal with him, he will be found guilty and punished, but we can not allow ourselves to be dragged down to the hideous level that the terrorists operate on. We must remain true to our heritage, to the ideal that all people are humans, that they deserve the right to a fair trial, and that in the end our constitutional rights will prevail. It separates us from them, simple as that.

  3. July 10, 2008 2:28 pm

    Thought I better comment before we all have to speak in Spanish! I’m an American citizen. I speak English. Can you imagine that? :)

    Well at least I think I am. I’m treated like a terrorist at times when people find out I’m a Southerner. Especially when I have the audacity to differ with them on the Civil War. It’s frustrating trying to give someone facts and all you get back is mindless babble. I end up getting angry from being told I am nothing more than a backwards, racist, redneck, ignorant, Nazi… Blah Blah Blah. I would give them a book list but I remember they probably can’t read since it’s almost a sin to leave a child behind. Oh the horror! Holding a kid back in school because they can’t read? No! You might hurt their lil psyche. Gag. What you really need to do is when their small, hurt their little ….. I better hush before CPS shows up at my door. Again, Gag. :)

    I will have to ask my ancestors about the American citizen quandary.When I dig them up so they can pay for slaves they never owned. The way the country is going I have had people tell me as of late they think we Southerners had the right idea back when we had Obama opps I meant Lincoln as President. Darn, there I go again. The NAACP will be on me now. Sigh! Sucks being a Rebel in Diversity Land. Pretty soon I am going to have to keep my ID handy to use as a reference to remember who the heck I really am. I have go through my day to day life with the Careful You Might Offend Me powers that be. To think my parents spent all that time telling me about my lineage, and how special I am. Silly people!

    I wanted to say, more of a question. You mean to tell me we actually have some Constitutional Rights left? Wow!

  4. July 9, 2008 2:25 pm

    And it will never be the same again – Amen – Wait! it can be fixed – Send ALL the corrupt career politicians in Washington home and start fresh America!
    We need TERM LIMITS for Congress!
    A fresh start for our democracy a country by the people, for the people and of the citizens!!!!!!

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