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An “Unlikely Hero” in Big Oil

July 9, 2008

If the oil industry has a hero, T. Boone Pickens could well qualify to be that hero. Why? Unlike anyone else in the entire nation, T. Boone is a man with a plan, a vision that he is willing to share with specifics to back him up. This runs counter to the political culture, where ideas are often tossed as bones of appeasement to generate support for vague ideas and actions, many of which seem to be hidden from public view.

“The Pickens Plan” calls for investing in domestic renewable resources such as wind, and switching from oil to natural gas as a transportation fuel.

Pickens appears to know what he is talking about. He quickly points out that continuing to import oil is unsustainable. Currently, the nation is importing 70% of required national oil needs. With rising oil and financial pressures, the national economy is headed toward certain bankruptcy and an impossible burden for the future.

He is a fan of wind power to take the load off of other forms of power generation, including nuclear power. Pickens states that the nation can take advantage of a natural wind corridor that ranges from Canada to Texas to supply more than 20 percent of the nations’ electrical needs. His company is already taking action in this area, beginning the installation of a huge wind farm in Texas on private land with enough capacity to supply energy for 1.3 million homes. Previously unproductive land is being used to create power, insuring income for land owners and creating local prosperity instead of more funding for foreign oil that drains the national economy and devalues the dollar.

He suggests that the power grid be supplied from wind power instead of using natural gas, while favoring natural gas to power motor vehicles. An energy plan could be fully unfurled in ten years if Congress and the White House were to treat the current energy situation as a national emergency and take immediate action. Politicians have been publicly favorable toward allowing business to take the risks and make decisions on alternate energy instead of trying to supply truly relevant guidance. A businessman of solid-standing has stepped up to the plate.

T. Boone Pickens has revealed the first definite plan revealed to the public. Since neither political party has developed a real plan that takes immediate needs and a shorter-term vision into account, Pickens’ plan enjoys real viability as well as the power of being mainstream while promoting positive change. He is looking for public support so that the nation can move forward with a realistic national energy goal in mind. Does Pickens have anything to gain? Certainly. So does America. Does the country dare to move forward without a real energy plan when politicians are stalling to move forward on energy? Are you willing to sign on to encourage real action for the national future?

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  1. pmcd1983 permalink
    July 21, 2008 2:41 pm

    Wind energy is a great idea, in theory. With the uncertainty of wind, especially in Texas, current generation is still required when the wind dies down. Currently, wind generation is peaking in the off-peak hours, mostly in the night-time and early morning hours. Durning the peak load times in Texas, 6am to 10pm, winds die down to nearly nothing in the so called “wind corridor” which requires other forms of electric generation to be up and running at all times. It would be nice if it was a predictable source of energy but wind is not so we must look elsewhere.

  2. eilorhturt permalink
    July 15, 2008 2:39 pm

    We have a proven energy source. It is oil, and we have reserves to last a long time. Time enough to perfect the alternatives.

    In the meantime what are you going to do about the unaffordable gas prices, T Boone Pickens?

  3. shoreroad permalink
    July 8, 2008 2:39 pm

    Well good ol T Boone is certainly onto something here. Natural Gas (or CNG) vehicles are a proven technology. They are clean burning alternatives and other than a reduced range (CNG tanks are bulky, so they carry an equivilent of about 6 gallons of gasoline) you would think you were driving the same car you are today. All we need is infrastructure to fuel them.

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