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The Broken America

July 13, 2008

Many years ago, older Americans felt proud of the society that they had a hand in creating for a newer generation. They felt fulfilled as they continued to live out their years in relative happiness. Life had a presence of goodness and value.

We’ve lost a large part of that. America is not so self-satisfied. The society and institutions that have come into being no longer look after civil society, education, vibrant community or community well-being. Instead, they pander to special interests and the rights of those that already have those rights. In the eyes of many, the dreams of this society have broken apart, destroyed by the lack of integrity, self-oriented attitudes and short-sighted men and women that work the system strictly for personal or corporate benefit.

Many Americans feel the pain as the nation goes the way of the Roman Empire, winding down into a spiraling pattern of self-destruction and disjointed chaos. American politics isn’t interested in the perception of greatness that built this nation, only the means to exploit that perception for personal gain. The betrayal is immense as many disgruntled Americans express disgust for humanity. They have lost faith because of the lack of light in the world or anything seen beyond greed and avarice in the current system.

As a group, we’ve lost the moral and spiritual dimensions of life if we ever really held them at all. We’ve failed to really look at why we do what we do. Where did the good ideas go? Why did we sell out? Where is servant leadership, honest citizenship or the joys of living in a prosperous and respectable nation? Must we admit that the nation really has lost its way?

Have we really lost our respect for one another? In many civilized lands, the idea of disrespecting a fellow citizen is worse than the insult. In this land, the unrest, discontent and rudeness is seen simply as freedom of expression without regard to anything but the moment.

This nation has lost the value of freedom, even though freedom is not perfect, because man and woman are not perfect. Nobility has been forgotten by most. Life has become a struggle in vanity for many without purpose or hope because we have failed to hold to our course or to values. The experiment of America is failing. Yet, America vainly expects to last forever, based on little more than legal precedence in the latest judicial decision, a prostitute with a purse full of worthless paper money, morally and ethically bankrupt.

Politics has become the occupation of appeasement. This appeasement combined with self-serving philosophy and lust for wealth at any cost has caused the nation to lose its vitality or any hope of it. Efforts to legislate society and moral decline have resulted in the seeds of destruction in the family unit, the building block of human society. This is the fruit of American politics.

Instead of demanding Constitutional Rights and carefully weighing the value of civil liberty, we have decided upon the illusion of safety and the idea that government is designed to take care of the problems of the world instead of healing our own problems. Americans have become a society of irresponsible belligerent teen-agers that want a handout at any cost. Americans are at the mercy of tyrants because they have given up their freedom to decide and have forgotten that life is more than the 9 to 5 grind, a house with a picket fence, a slick roadster and a romp in the hay. The nation is ill-tempered, angry and rightly so. It has lost its soul and doesn’t know where to find it.

Even worse, we fear evils that aren’t real and shake in fear as wise men promote the destruction of our climate without cause or proof in the name of “popular science”. We become faint at heart because the blight of terrorism and the cost of gasoline endangers the fabric of our society. Life has become a power grab to control the masses in the name peace and security and yet there is no peace. Security has become a contrivance because we have undermined and sold it to the lowest bidder.

The nation has lost its trust and direction, the ability to empower and inspire. Health has become health care programs and government controls. Everything is about the illusion of wealth as we borrow from the bankrupt. We have forgotten the meaning of life and the ability to dream beyond our wallets. We are pawns of our own short-sightedness.

There are still a few days left to renew the nation without throwing it under the bus, a place where a nation of citizens can share and entrust each other with basic goals and opportunities in mutual respect. This is a place where even the elected officials are interested in more than the structure of power and the seduction of a world utopia under the control of man. This new place has proved that it isn’t globalism. Globalism pretends to look after everyone and helps no one while claiming to save the world. We already live there today. Expanding what we have now won’t resolve the blight. We’ve forgotten that life is more than a fat wallet and quick pleasures. America needs something more. America needs something real. Do you know what it is? It’s time to think about what is important in life. That starts with you.

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