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Barack Obama: Taking Steps In Leadership

August 2, 2008

Arguably the most recognizable figure in the world today, Senator Barack Obama has taken steps to repair the image of America globally, and to lift the spirits and hopes of Americans. He has already contributed more to repairing the tarnished of the American political leadership than both the current President and Senator McCain combined. And he is already taking steps in leadership.

The intense interest that Senator Obama generates both globally and nationally is no accident or coincidence. He is, and he understands that he must be, a new age politician and that there will be lasting positive impacts. He has positioned himself comfortably above the fray while doing, “not looking” but doing, what is Presidential. And he is already making a real and beneficial impression. Meeting world leaders and lending his welcoming charm, confidence and intelligence on behalf of this country. Then meeting with this nation’s finest financial experts in an effort to gain the most through understanding of possible solutions to this nation’s energy challenges and economic woes. And his timeline projection for ending the war in Iraq has become the cornerstone of the first significant talks on this desperately important matter. And finally, he has brought Americans together in a trans-racial environment that is no longer a dream on the horizon, but now, a real vision of equity and opportunity that exists today in this country. His mere presence in this contest is already making a positive national and geo-political impact. There can be no disputing that.

Senator Obama is a post-traditional politician as well as an intellectual. He and his campaign strategists have identified and capitalized on the changing mood among many Americans and the positive aspects of a new belief in significant political change. His post-traditional politics are introduced by the very vision of the man, and punctuated by his anti establishment rhetoric. His political and social intellectualism has become his well crafted trademark. Senator Obama has vanquished the ideology that the national electorate is to poorly informed and easily manipulated to make sound judgments about their lives and the state of this nation. He is challenging America to think! This concept of an in formed, energized voting public is a political nightmare to the traditionalist. The media efforts at manipulation and projections based on historic data and rhetorical impacts are now meaningless. This as I have said previously, is a whole new ballgame.

The opposition continues to wallow in the muddy and myopic state of traditional political tactics. Senator McCain as an example, clearly still believes that if you say something often enough, (good or bad, true of false) that the electorate will eventually begin to believe it. He does not seem to understand that he now looks and sounds “exactly” like what nauseates many Americans about the deplorable image and performance of long time Washington politicians. Senator McCain Campaign has victimized their candidate by making him a “walking example” of everything that has gone wrong in American government. Americans want leadership and Americans need help. Senator McCain continues to busy himself crafting lies about his opposition rather than researching and presenting appealing solutions for Americans in distress. This is to say nothing of the fact that the world (along with America) is watching and listening with disgust.

Senator McCain has had his chance. He has been unsuccessfully running for President since “Moby Dick” was a minnow. And Americans are still smoldering from having seen President Bush, strongly supported by Senator McCain, burn the candle of lies from both ends. And following the burning of the candle of lies, Americans have been left in the cold and darkness of dwindling freedoms, war dead, economic despair, and world disgrace. The interesting aspect of the traditional political model, more recently the Bush Model, is vilifying the opponent as weak, unpatriotic, anti-American or risky. The advantage according to traditionalists would be to Senator McCain, as he has been around for so long and is so well known. The hope is that the unthinking American public will not ask the question: Well known for what? After 26 years in the Senate and eight years in the political company of George W. Bush, what has Senator McCain ever done for Mr. and Mrs. Main Street that they can recall? Senator McCain has had his opportunity and he has failed. And if the crowds that the elder Senator draws are indicative of his ability to ignite interest, garner support and lead, then that may be the most obvious yet tragic testimony to who and what the aged Senator now symbolizes.

The Obama post-traditional model has never been applied before and the traditionalists, particularly those on the right, are just so institutionally conditioned that they can’t believe that their tactics are not working! They have tried it all, they have played all of the cards, race, anti-Americanism, religion, patriotism, experience; you name it. The only result has been to diminish the already antiquated image of the elder Senator and his seemingly very dysfunctional campaign. The right wing political world and its constituents are now comparable to some third or fourth generation welfare families who accept, even appreciate, their comfortable poverty.

The right has no interest in seeing or reaching for an elevated standard of political performance or existence. In fact, a newly elevated standard is seemingly, if not literally beyond their comprehension. Oh, they (the right wing) know what a lie is and what manipulation is. Politically, these are simply furnishings in their morally and intellectually poverty-stricken existence. Sadly, they are completely comfortable with that!

I imagine that “The Obama Model” in changing presidential politics will someday be studied by the greatest political scientists and historians in the world. Emotionally, it is positive and tremendously exciting. The globally electronic facet was sheer genius. Barack Obama wields the ability to mobilize a truthful, respectful and efficient campaign and most importantly; to appreciate that the voting public has the wisdom to digest issues and make rational non-biased choices. The key is that Senator Obama understands that the people of this great nation and the people of the world want leadership. At the same time, they also want to be truthfully informed and treated with dignity and respect.

The pundits remain fixated on and entertained by the petty, and baffled by the fact that traditional indicators that are now meaningless. Nonetheless, one thing they appear to be realizing and reaching agreement on is the fact that Senator Obama is winning! With the Olympics and the Conventions just around the corner, the opportunities for a Republican game changer are dwindling and the desperation is becoming more visible with each passing day. More negativity can be expected from the McCain camp because lacking substance, that’s all that they have to offer. And it’s too late in the process to either pivot or to recover from the self inflicted damage they are now suffering.

Senator Obama is an unquestionable a leader. And we must never forget that when an American comes forth to challenge that which has failed America, that in itself is taking steps in leadership. If the energy that Barack is generating among his growing throngs of supporters is any indication, should he be elected, he will be a refreshing and welcome change for many Americans across a broad spectrum. Many around the world will be heartened and relieved.

What we are witnessing is not hubris, presumption or ego. We are witnessing commitment and confidence. We are witnessing leadership.

L. A. Walker, © Leon A. Walker

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  1. N Fitzgerald permalink
    October 10, 2008 9:39 am

    Dear Mr. Walker:

    So you will not have any regrets in voting for Sen. Obama, then you are a person whose trust is too easily obtained. I trust those who have proven themselves to be trustworthy or on the fact that their past performances and history is not associated with those in our society that would destroy it to suit their own agenda. If I associated myself with prostitutes then people would assume that I was also a prostitute and would not trust me to be of good character; therefore, it is important that we pay attention to those whose affiliations are not trustworthy enough to lead the country.

    You are voting for an individual who socialization is marred with a lot of values not in harmony with those goals/good of the nation.

    Think again on your decision.

    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    tip from the moderator: if we were really concerned about associations and trustworthiness, then the whole lot of Washington bar one or two would be gone. Voting the former homeless or the less connected into office would be a better choice. The system, however, would not allow such a thing under normal circumstances. A “protest vote” for a lesser party is a vote with little meaning, even if it were morally better. Therefore, those that choose to avail themselves of the right of every upright American citizen will vote their conscience on the matter. That facet of America still remains…

  2. Dee permalink
    September 1, 2008 4:28 pm

    Thank you. You have expressed what this over-60, white, blue collar-ish, female has thought about Sen. Obama from the beginning and why I would crawl on my hands and knees to the polls to vote for him. In fact, he will be the first candidate I will have voted for 100 percent — no waffling, no regrets — in my lifetime.

  3. ibelieve permalink
    August 4, 2008 7:55 am

    this man has more leadership in his little finger than most politicians have in their whole body. you hear the conservatives rail about the corrupt political scene in Chicago. Hes in a corrupt political scene in congress and hes still unscathed, simply the best candidate on the roster.

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