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Radical Pelosi Shuts Down House Vote

August 3, 2008

Some politicians are apparently using the latest Congressional vacation break as an excuse not to deal with important issues at hand, even avoiding discussions that affect Americans the most. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has officially stonewalled a vote on oil and drilling legislation, despite opposition among members. During a session that some members tried to keep going, Pelosi ordered the lights dimmed and microphones off to close the session, effectively shutting down the facility in an effort to stop freedom of speech.

Pelosi’s sentiment is that she is trying to save the planet. She has openly declared that she has “no plans” to schedule a vote on it because she opposes drilling in “protected areas.” Feeling good about saving the planet is one issue, but blocking free speech in a dictatorship move is strictly anti-American as well as counter-productive. Democrats don’t need the bad press in a move that could portend to be an election-breaker of sorts. Obviously, Pelosi cares nothing about winning hearts and minds. Forcing her hand to block a vote and to bring discussion to a halt shows the heart of evil control that has sprouted in Congress.

While the United States needs to make energy transitions to greener energy solutions, the plight of the planet is not at stake. In fact, the specter of global-warming is popular pseudo-science, an issue that cannot be proved. Proponents of this theory proclaim that we simply can’t wait to see, as they work to create a new global force for change, typically promoting the policies of the United Nations as single best answer to our “global plight”. However, can you cite one case where man has ever been able to irreparably damage or single-handedly save the earth that we live on? Quite the opposite, mankind is at the mercy of the planet that we live on, a planet of cycles and change. New science hasn’t been around long enough to determine much of anything with certainty. There, taking prudent steps for gradual change in energy without wrecking the national economy makes perfect sense. Perhaps Pelosi expects that the nation’s best measure is to lower oil prices and create a temporary supply glut is to drain the Stategic Petroleum Reserve. She has tried to make that case. Regardless of positioning, an emergency rush from oil use at any cost is a political ploy rather than environmental necessity as the environmental youth movement seek unilateral compliance with a global fantasy.

The most recent fantasy of biofuels hasn’t panned out for Congressional environmentalists. Converting sugar to create ethanol is not an answer that America has. Corn is the tool of choice for ethanol production. Corn is not the most effective tool to create greener fuels, spawning food shortage worldwide and racking up food prices for all. Ethanol is less efficient than gasoline to operate and costs plenty to create as well. Even globalists have become alarmed at the biofuel backlash and have backed off of their support. Strangely, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about reality, she is going to take a position statement for environmentalism, while preventing any legislative body from discussing the issue in a time of crisis.

Can the American citizenry blame all the Democrats? Certainly not, even if most of them generally favor the issue. Experience has shown that environmental panic has set in across partisan lines. Even then, Pelosi has no intention of revealing the voting record of her cronies, protecting them from accountability to the people that they claim to serve. Speaker of the House Pelosi is responsible to her personal attack on freedom of speech, even within the ranks of lawmakers.

Pelosi has recently been quoted as saying, “When you win an election, you win the majority, and what is the power of the speaker? To set the agenda, the power of recognition, and I am not giving the gavel away to anyone.” The media even insinuates that the feeling behind this stand is that woman can achieve anything if they know their power. Houston, we have another “Hillary Clintoneque feminazi”, a jezebel for power at all costs. She holds herself to be the majority.

The bottom line is that most Americans are vitally interested in relieving the economic pressure-cooker that they find themselves in. The public word is that the majority of Americans are in favor of offshore drilling. That doesn’t comply with the wishes of feminazi Nancy Pelosi. You can favor Democrats without buying into global warming and environmental extremism, can’t you? You can have a dissenting view and be heard, can’t you Ms. Pelosi? Apparently, not in her court of law.

Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin may believed that the ends justified the means. Unfortunately, that is what the U.S. politic and legislative world is starting to adopt as their primary mode of operation, including a lack of personal liberty. Simply put, this is exactly why this country is in the position that it is. You can trace the reason that the nation has high fuel prices directly to Congress for the past thirty years. Now, Pelosi has put another spray of mud on the reputation of Congress.

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  1. shoreroad permalink
    August 7, 2008 8:29 pm

    LMAO Celebrate. You are too funny for an elitist.

  2. Hellen permalink
    August 7, 2008 1:56 pm

    drilling in new areas, off on on shore, will not effect prices at the pump for at least 10 years

    the oil companies now have 70 million acres of unused leases they are not developing

    they want more leases to increase their “value” on the stockmarket, attracting “investors” (speculators)

    they need to pass regulations on oil speculation like they did on coal a few years ago, that brought down the price of coal

    Hellen, these are very good points, although the 10 year figure is merely a popular quote, likely to be less than that: still, it’s not a perfect solution and certainly not by itself. ~E.M.

  3. August 4, 2008 7:39 am

    I wouldn’t say that was a spray of mud on the reputation of Congress. What part of NO don’t you understand? No means, NO. It means the oil magnets and the Republicans are not going to get away with off-shore drilling. Besides, if you keep feeding the addicted they will never heal.

    It’s interesting that most Americans don’t have this view about corrupt banking and finance. They think saving the environment is more noble, regardless of how you do it, politics included. Check out my runaway hit blog with journalistic integrity at Digital Economy ~E.M.

  4. libertyfreak permalink
    August 3, 2008 2:57 pm

    good points bout liberty. tired of hearing about lack of regard for personal liberty because some people are irresponsible. that is the excuse, like these bad parents you are hearing about in the news today like the missing little girl and it just fuels more childrens rights that tear down everyone else rights.

    the stupidity of some doesnt dictate the liberty that we must find a way to uphold.

  5. obamamatic permalink
    August 3, 2008 2:53 pm

    Im a big fan of obama and generally a Democratic supporter. Like you, I just can’t get into this global warming lie. Keep up the good work.

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