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U.S. Feds: Easier to Blame the Dead

August 6, 2008

The pure unadulterated truth is something that sometimes we never know. The anthrax threat back in 2001 is just such a case. The careful and slow government investigation has been in place for some time. If the evidence was overwhelming, pursuit of the case would not have taken what is essentially two election terms.

Federal investigators are eager to declare the 2001 anthrax case as solved as they make their case against government researcher Bruce Ivins. “Administrative details” remain incomplete. A majority of their evidence features a slur campaign by the living showing what a head case Ivins was. While this information may in fact, be true, this information is much easier to present when the accused can’t speak. Instead, the “preponderance of evidence” certainly will speak to back up the government investigation.

The importance of this whole affair is the confidence of the American people. Nobody wants a crazed bio-terrorist running around the country threatening public safety. Yet, so far the public has seen largely accusations and heard about happenstance. Some of that may change.

There remains plenty of skepticism about the strength of the case, which many believe heightens the importance of revealing evidence against the scientist. Lawyers say that survivors and the American public are “entitled” to see evidence before a jury considering that the government was ready to indict the accused.

Whether this happens or should happen is certainly open for debate. Defending oneself often proves difficult enough when you are alive. One truth is certain: dead men tell no tales.

~ E.Manning

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