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Mexico: The Value of Self-Deportation

August 7, 2008

An amazing reality has come to pass after nearly thirty years. The American government claims to be suddenly interested in compliance with federal government law where immigration is concerned. The argument is that deportation in the United States has created too much trama in the lives of illegal aliens. Not one to take kindly to accusations of human rights abuses, the United States has registered a pilot program allowing law-abiding illegal immigrants to admit their illegal status and schedule their own deportation. The term that authorities should use is “otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants.”

The hot button has been created by the illegal immigration of Mexican citizens into America. American citizens came to realize that illegal immigrants were not being held to the same standards that American citizens were, while driving up costs for Americans and the economy in general. Americans also saw the creation of another subclass of abused nationals within the country as well as the reality of race-based political and social engineering.

For the next 90 days, “non-criminal fugitive aliens” in five major cities can now turn themselves over to the authorities instead of going to jail when they probably aren’t going to jail anyway. “This will allow them a little bit of control over the removal process that ultimately will come for each and every one of them,” claims immigration enforcement. Immigration is going to “basically track them down, arrest and remove them on the government’s terms.” Immigration claims to be looking for just under 1/2 million illegal aliens with clean records. So what about the remaining illegals numbering in the millions in the United States?

What kind of government program selectively focuses on five city locations and forgets about the rest of the country? Clearly a legally and morally bankrupt one. By the way, immigration enforcement reserves the right to expand the program as they choose, perhaps based on the effectiveness of the pilot program.

While immigration activists accuse the government of human rights violations for breaking up immigrant families within the United States, this program is held to be more humane, allowing illegal aliens to make removal arrangements without being held in jail for deportation. The question bears asking. Why are we removing working males from families of women and children because of skewed federal welfare laws designed to pander to a subclass of illegals with anchor babies and young children that have more rights than adults? The combination of bizarre federal policies helps to prove the reality that U.S. welfare policy is designed to break down the family unit in order to create dependence and gratitude toward the federal government. This action has been plied for decades and is now being focused on the hispanic population in the name of human rights.

What is more bizarre is that “officials” claim that “Of the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, about 572,000 are fugitives, although about 20 percent of them are ineligible to participate because they have criminal histories.” Out of 12 million illegal immigrants, how are 1/2 million fugitives where the others are not? Perhaps there is no logic that publicly determines this other than locations of the initial pilot program.

All the rancor by American citizens was created by the idea that illegal immigrants are not abiding by the same laws and rules that Americans are expected to follow, while reaping many of the benefits of citizenship without being citizens. Since the federal government insists that the rules be applied, American citizens just want honest application of said rules instead of excuses and pandering for election and social engineering purposes. The pandering and social engineering by derilect politicians and officials continues because women and children are considered as helpless victims instead of part of the immigration problem.

That is part of the sickness that has infested this country: the notion that social empowerment of women and children is more important than family and economic ideas that actually built this country during the last 200 years. Immigration officials are unrepentant. “For anyone to say no one will do it, that’s absolutely wrong.” They are going to find their token fugitives, even if they have to invent them out of government policy. Clearly, the value of self-deportation is invalid if self-deportation doesn’t apply to every immigrant that came here illegally. Using anchor baby policy to keep women and children in the country “legally” is a morally bankrupt action couched in compassion with the intent of bolstering the political hierarchy. We need valid contributing citizens and viable families, not voting slaves of a morally bankrupt system.

~ E. Manning

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