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What is New About the Mexican Border War?

August 14, 2008

Tempers are up and activists are hot. Tensions are high as many illegal immigrants seek to take back “their territory” from the United States. The flood of illegal Mexican immigrants has transformed parts of the nation into poverty zones. As the U.S. Hispanic population grows, anti-American sentiment is high among some in Mexico. Should this surprise America with the scope of the current border activity?

A U.S. Border Patrol agent shot and wounded a man as the Border Patrol clashed with a group of rock-throwing vigilantes, marking the latest confrontation along a violent stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border. Border Patrol agents routinely get rocks, bottles and bricks thrown at them from people hoping to distract the agents long enough to jump or climb the fence. U.S. Border Patrol officials say they are increasingly worried about “armed incursions” into U.S. territory by heavily armed Mexican army patrols, allegedly bounty hunting for illegals. For some time, the U.S. has ignored the cold truth that we are skirting an international incident as Mexican soldiers blaze into U.S. territory in defiance of national borders. The marauders often dare U.S. border guards to take them on until the renegade Mexican soldiers are outnumbered by U.S. border guard backup. Yet, some Border Guards have been imprisoned because of politics because they did their job.

Despite the increase in anti-American propaganda in some circles, the federal government has turned a blind eye to the border abuse. Militant activists reportedly look forward to the day of a real border skirmish between U.S. border guards and what is assumed to be renegade Mexican soldiers. How can the U.S. be certain the these Mexican soldiers are really acting apart from Mexican national authority?

Mexico has launched their own border patrol on their side of the border in an effort to keep law and order along the border financed by the Bush Administration. Despite the international tension between citizens of both countries, the U.S. government has been considering granting legal residency to Mexicans residing in America illegally, perhaps in an effort to salve the tension.

Local Mexican officials complain that every day U.S. Border Patrol officials round up thousands of illegals who have crossed the border and send them right back home. Mexican border towns claim that Border Patrols are dumping unwanted Mexican nationals on their doorsteps without any notice.

The news isn’t new at all. These actions have continued for the last few years. Only now have tensions grown between opposing citizens as they seek to vent their feelings. The problem hasn’t been solved whether it is because of a lack of will on the part the U.S. federal government or weakness on the part of the Mexican authorities. Clearly, drugs, homelessness and violence along the border on both sides is unprecedented.

A wall has been proposed as an answer and is, in fact, a popular solution. A wall isn’t protection, only a line of demarcation. The Border Patrol is the protection for the nation in an escalating situation. Meanwhile, the U.S. is funding the national Mexican government for border support on the other side, Mexico’s half-hearted effort in the Mexican Border War. Some say that more have died in border violence than in the War in Afghanistan. Could it all be about the drugs? Perhaps. Is the drama about human rights? Hardly. What is the reality? The entire border drama is all about pursuit of money by any means, whether by drugs, trafficking or governmental extortion. American is full of money, even if most of it is borrowed or financed. Third-world Mexico scarcely knows the difference as the nation’s people scrape to survive. Like most people, they want an easy life. Compassionate Americans continue to shower them with dollars in the hope of alleviating the situation and bolstering good feelings. That is the American Way and perhaps our ultimate failure.

~ E. Manning

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