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Former Front Runner Seeks Democrat Unity

August 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton, her head growing ever larger, allegedly wows the convention crowd as she makes a case for party unity. Soured Clinton’s supporters and delegates are upset over the tight Democratic primary battle. How does she bring unity to the fold? By having 300 signatures brought to the fore to have her name submitted as a nominee at the convention.

The idea has been promoted that this will satisfy disgruntled hardcore “Clintonistas” as they lick their ego-centered wounds and mourn their loss of power. That is unity. The idea is that Ms. Clinton will concede the nomination by cutting the roll call short and call on her delegates to back Obama in a final show of power. After all, that is what Hillary Clinton has been all about. Power.

another view of Hillary courtesy of JibJab

another view of Hillary courtesy of JibJab

Even though Ms. Clinton is expected to give full and enthusiastic support for the nomination of Barack Obama, you know that she has a huge knot of concealed rage in her throat. Before Obama came onto the scene, Hillary Clinton was the front runner and projected winner of the election. The Clintons have taken the defeat hard, almost relunctantly.

Dreams of a woman president continue unabated. Hillary Clinton proponents are quietly looking for a miraculous way to insert her into the 2012 election. Democrats do have plenty to be proud of. Hillary Clinton has proved that she is not one of those things, despite her strong following. ~ E. Manning

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