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McCain Pulls Out His Big Oil Wild Card

August 29, 2008

As if all the current election excitement isn’t high enough or the stakes large enough, John McCain and Republicans have thrown in a new wild card, oil goddess and Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. Hillary Clinton must be steaming in her high heels as Republicans prove that they are progressive enough to nominate a woman into one of the highest offices in the land. That is no slight toward the Democratic Party. They have selected two high quality candidates to cover their platform.

There is one saving grace in the Republican selection for vice-president. Once John McCain wears out from the stress of office, the nation might just have a woman for president, knocking Hillary out of the running with a record-breaking one-two punch. Will Hillary voters flock to the side of McCain? Only time will tell how much of an impact, if any, Ms. Palin will have.

In the meantime, the Republicans haven’t made to the oval office just yet, so any talk of a female v.p. is simply talk. Still, it is plain the see that Republicans are just plain desperate to secure the office of president once again and they are willing to try any ploy to stay in power. Will Americans fall for the idea? Once the Republican Convention washes out, the nation will likely have a better idea where it wants to go for the next 4 years or more: change or more of the same. Whether Palin is simply a Big Oil election tool or something more is likely to garner plenty of conversation. Ms. Palin isn’t likely to make much of a difference in the election arena unless she is able to prove an unusual degree of worthiness.

~ E. Manning

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