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More Drunk Drivers Choose Motorcycles

August 29, 2008

The high price of fuel is prompting more people to ride motorcycles, leading to more motorcycle wrecks and deaths. Doubtless, high fuel prices are creating an intense desire among many Americans to drive motorcycles and scooters. However, you wouldn’t know that based on the bravado of police and government officials.

Highway accident statisticians have eagerly reported that drunk driving traffic deaths have made a tick on the downward side with data that is nearly nine months old. Statistically, drunk driving accidents are down by 4%, about 500 in total nationally and the lowest rate since 1994. While that appears to be good news for safe drivers, drunk driving deaths by motorcycles, a separate count, is up by 7.5 percent, accounting for 13% of all traffic fatalities.

It appears that the higher cost of fuel has rendered a slightly positive side effect for larger vehicles, but as thrifty drinkers drive more motorcycles, that total is on the increase.  As a result, police are increasingly looking at motorcycle drivers with an eagle eye and increasing sobriety checkpoints this Labor Day weekend.

Government has been quick to take the credit as a massive enforcement “crackdown” on drivers. The high cost of fuel, especially this year has proved to create change in America’s driving habits. Remember that government highway revenues are down because of American’s decisions to drive less. Even drunk drivers are driving less. More and more often, the sex appeal of motorcycles make them the ride of choice. Why not among drunk drivers as well?

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  1. Shannon Law Group permalink
    April 25, 2012 6:11 pm

    As fuel prices rise up, people tend to switch to motorcycles. I do not think there is a logic of drunk drivers switiching from driving cars to riding motorcycles. It just happens that drivers switch to riding motorcyles, but that recent accidents happening occur to drunk drivers who are driving motorcycles. But this post is still a wake-up call to everyone. Thanks for the post.
    Shannon Law Group

  2. October 17, 2008 4:27 pm

    Hmmm, just because the drunk driving deaths on motorcycles have increased doesn’t necessarily mean that they were drivers switching to motorcycles :) Is that a direct statistic? I do agree that more people are switching to motorcycles and scooters due to the high price of gas…

    This would be an interesting thing to track and let’s see the outcome next year. I’m at Bikertoberfest right now and the number of deaths is adding up, not sure if they were drunk or not.

    Thanks for pointing this out though. I’ll be sure to think about it when I see the guy downing his beer and hopping on his bike…

  3. September 2, 2008 11:16 pm

    Never considered this type of trend until this article. Makes sense! It is pretty frustrating to know that drunk driving can’t stop or slow down for the right reasons instead of just transferring the trend to a more dangerous vehicle.
    I bet most of these drunk motorcyclists don’t even wear a helmut.
    Thanks for the informative article.

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