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Ron Paul Gets His Own Convention & GOP Revolt

September 1, 2008

GOP maverick

GOP maverick

Political maverick Ron Paul is getting his own convention. The Republican party dismissed his offer to speak at the Republican Convention and instead of remaining silent, he opted to sponsor a convention at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota with tickets available through Ticketmaster. Ron Paul’s spokesman Jesse Benton said: “This isn’t a protest. This is a celebration of limited government and Republican principles.” Whatever the case, there remains a lingering dissatisfaction with John McCain and the Republican Party.

Nearly 10,000 tickets have been sold so far. In a few Western states, Paul was a serious contender for votes, placing second ahead of Republican John McCain in Nevada and Montana. He drew 14 percent from McCain in New Mexico, a battleground state.

Meanwhile, some Republicans aren’t standing in lines for the GOP Convention, instead opting to make a statement with the continued support of Ron Paul. A few have desired to portray Ron Paul as an eccentric megalomaniac, but that isn’t the general conception. In essence, you could consider the Maverick Convention as a boycott of the GOP. Sometimes, winning the game isn’t the most important factor, but where you stand often is. That is exactly the reason why supporters of Ron Paul want to stand up and be noticed. Political realities notwithstanding, a write-in vote for President may not be out of the question for voters that want to continue to make a political statement. Ponder the possibilities of where you really stand  in life as the nation looks forward collectively on this Labor Day. ~ W.R. Greene & E. Manning

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