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Ron Paul Slams Republicans and Democrats

September 2, 2008

the idea of original values

the idea of original values

Today on CSPAN, Ron Paul as a Republican was confronted with the idea of supporting John McCain. Dr. Paul firmly held that because John McCain does not hold to the traditional Republican public platform of “limited government, balanced budgets, sensible foreign policy and sound money,” he won’t support McCain. “I have worked for these positions for thirty years, so it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to support somebody that objects to these positions. I don’t think that (my support) is likely to happen.”

“We are going to have a liberty rally that is going to be positive, to talk about traditional values of this country: the Constitution, personal liberty, an effort to call attention to the problems that we have. The Republicans haven’t addressed it and the Democrats haven’t addressed it. The Republicans have had control of the White House and the House for quite a few years and we didn’t come up with a balanced budget. Under President Clinton, the budget was less than under the Republicans. This spending is out of control, the economy is going downhill and we have a foreign policy that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to any of us. The neo-conservatives have taken over the party, taken over the country, taken over the Democratic Party and they control foreign policy which is foreign intervention. We have an empire. We have troops in 140 countries, we have 700 bases overseas, we can’t take care of our own people at home. We blow up bridges overseas, we rebuild these bridges and we can’t even take care of bridges here at home. We are broke. The American people are sick and tired of this. 60 to 70 per cent of the American people say that they would like to have a choice for President.”

Ron Paul has refused to give the names of his supporters to the Republican Party or to outside interests even though he has been asked. He insists on maintaining the privacy of his supporters. Paul sees the entire issue of the election as holding up traditional principles of the past: Constitutional values, conservative principles and common sense.

Ron Paul is painted by many as a “libertarian” or a “Republican with a libertarian’s heart.” He is an insider of sorts, but he is unpopular among his own sort because he stands for what is Constitutional rather than what is expedient. Recently, many have seen Paul campaign as “insurgents taking on the establishment.” Many Republicans appear be resentful of his “counter-convention” scheduled for today while the GOP Convention is in session. With the first day of the GOP Convention largely aborted because of Hurricane Gustav and the distraction of Labor Day, Ron Paul supporters have gained a larger national spotlight today. Like him or hate him, Ron Paul seems to be reasonably comfortable standing up for his beliefs, which happen to coincide with the traditional values that built the nation. ~ E. Manning

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  1. September 2, 2008 10:19 am

    Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.

    –John Quincy Adams

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