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Republicana: The Pro-Life Death Machine

September 6, 2008

Leon Walker observes: a force in the nation fuels a kingdom of fear and addiction.

There exists a distinctly morose culture of fear and anger that exists within America. This culture is a mindset rooted in an ideology of justified, terminal violence as interpreted and promoted by conservative Republicans. Although they have chained themselves to a mantra which speaks of preserving life, the reality is that Republicans are at the controls of the American and international death machine. Republicana is the witchcraft of fear that fuels an insidious emotional addiction that thrives both within the grass roots, the granite halls of Congress and the White House.

Republicana is a poisonous cocktail which blends blinding and mentally paralyzing levels of manipulated religious and patriotic rhetoric which infects the weak with a gripping virus of fear and anger. It is a new “Kingdom of God” culture that proclaims a protectionist view of America that is vulnerable to those both within our borders and many around the globe. This alone is the food upon which the followers and practitioners of Republicana feed. They are focused on remaining immersed in a sacrosanct and pristine cultural, religious and ideological existence that must not be tainted or touched by an evolving nation and world. Although these self proclaimed religious and godly Americans chant the pro-life mantra with regard to abortion, they also orchestrate and support many systems of human irradiation on a shocking grand scale.

“Thou shalt not kill” is among the most well known of the Biblical commandments. This is relevant if you are a Christian; perhaps even if you are only one with a compassionate heart or a moderately well calibrated moral compass. Having served in the military, I do not consider myself a pacifist. I recognize the social and political complexities of war when necessary or appropriate. The words “when necessary or appropriate” are seemingly not of particular relevance within the right-wing culture of Republicana. It is not a matter of considering what is necessary, appropriate or even godly when war or violence are among the choices to be had. The conservative “crack cocaine” of fear and anger consumes Republicana in their thirst for the blood of anyone unlike them in either visible or ideological terms.

Ironically, the conservative right in America were the creators of the movement against and remain in stalwart opposition to abortion and in particular to late term abortion. But to give these pro-life Christians their due, without risking any measure of confusion, let us refer to their social death programs more accurately as “Late Life Abortion”. What the right-wing “Republicana” culture promotes is allowing children to be born and then systematically abandoning them into a system that kills them later in life. Deprive them of quality education and opportunity. Deny the American dream. Surely they will be exterminated when fighting in needless military conflicts that has become their only survival option.  They are lost in the systems of prison, disease or domestic cultural violence that are within the systematic social abyss.

This ingenious program masked by fear and anger has proven to be an extremely effective “death machine” in this nation and geopolitically. What is more, it is where they harvest the emotional poppy that supplies continued fuel for multiple myopias, hatreds and fears that they thrive upon. They create and promote monsters among us and around the world. They demonize the poor, the ignorant and those of other religions. Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and Jews are their secondary enemies as all of “Islam is the demon du jour.” The “White Christian Right” must certainly be their secret and sacred creed. While they speak of “god and religion,” they speak of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” promoting the preservation of the rights of the unborn, energizing America’s death machine daily without even mild concern.

How does one claim to be a Christian, even evangelical or pro-life when nothing is done to curb the violence that we experience daily in our nation and in an inexplicable war that had yielded thousands of American dead? What person of pure or even kind heart would be unphased by stunning infant mortality rates and disease epidemics as shocking as AIDS (to name only one) in America and around the world without being inspired to speak out. Why did evangelicals mobilize on the White House when New Orleans was drowning and more than 1500 of their fellow Americans died? How could any person of conscience remain silent as fellow citizens suffer in greater economic despair than has been realized in recent American history? How does the Christian embrace torture even after it becomes clear that there is no information to be had and no threat to be uncovered? How does an American find a way to hate other Americans because they are visibly different or exercise freedom of independent thought? Who can stand by quietly and watch American standards and advantages plummet, intellectually, scientifically, competitively and even militarily without shocking pause?

“Late Life Abortion” is the greatest social accomplishment of right-wing America. It is also America’s greatest historic tragedy. This abysmal American sin is a dark systematic evil that for the first time they, the right-wing, are being publicly indicted.

It is essential to note that for decades, this deadly social system had the greatest impact among minorities as the social economic disparity was clearly greater and vehicles for opportunity were fewer. Now as the economic life has been sucked out of nation most Americans are finding themselves at some measure of risk. You see, over the past eight years, the right-wing Republican vampires were not only draining the blood from people of color and the uneducated in the historic underclasses. They have been creating a vast colorless underclass that they can victimize on a grand scale. In simple terms it’s called raping a nation.

The term pro-life sounds so noble. There is such compassion in the argument as presented. In truth they promote fattening up the nations poor masses before churning them in the death machine. Let them wallow in misery and despair. Allow them to mature in illiteracy and suffer a bit with disease and poverty. When the occasion presents itself, the pro-life Christian can hold up an example. of a Willie Horton, a David Berkowitz or a Black Widow. Even seizing every opportunity to try children as adults whenever possible isn’t enough. They grasp for more blood and “monster images” to be used as their villains in the imaginary universe of evil that threatens them. And then, in war, in poverty, in disease, in social violence or with lethal injection… they extol the justification for their murder. This is the essence of the Late Life Abortion program that is now the indelible emblem of the Republican Party.

You will hear no substantial answers to the critical questions that Americans want from Senator John McCain or Governor Sarah Palin. There will be cute, witty attacks and diversions. There will be speeches about victory in war, heroes and God. There will be no solutions. If you are “hooked on hate” and welcome the concept of continuing to march forward into the darkness of death, war and violence while our nation and our fellow citizens struggle to subsist, you may be a great Republican.  Do you really understand the American ideal? May that God that you believe in help you!

If there anything that the culture of Republicana teaches? Has the message of the Christian right been lost on you. If there is anything that you must remember it is… remember to be afraid. Remember always to live in fear.

Never miss an opportunity to kill someone says the culture of Republicana. That’s how they roll. Republicana is not a political affiliation or an American conservative ideal. It is a dark and powerful counter-culture. Thankfully, with each new generation, its aging base dwindles and the flames of their hateful fires appreciably recede. Senator Barack Obama is evidence of this. God Bless America.

L. A. Walker, © Leon A. Walker

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  1. Jon Bruckner permalink
    October 20, 2008 8:07 pm

    That is a stunning piece of work! If only it were possible to throw water on the faces of the masses to wake them up to how close we are coming to losing our democracy. Obama is my last hope for this country. I cannot see a future with any light in it if he loses to McNazi and Palin. I feel like all that the nation was founded upon, all our real principles, are being drowned out by hype and non-issues.

    God help us.

    Hats of to you, Mr. Walker, and pray that the truth is immutable.

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