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McCain: Facts Become Distortions of Truth

September 14, 2008

serving up a mess

McCain: serving up a mess

In a presidential campaign a certain amount of friction and bias is expected by the teams fighting for victory. Recently, some campaign ads have become less than honest to the point that tempers have flared on all sides. Because of the campaign distortions, John McCain’s campaign has drawn plenty of fire and rightfully so. Accusations of distortions have been around, but the preponderance of evidence shows a pattern of abusive tactics by the McCain campaign.

The McCain campaign painted an effort by the Obama campaign as an assault on Sarah Palin, in essence proclaiming that Obama called Palin a pig with lipstick. McCain has falsely claimed that Obama support sex education for kindergarten. He has routinely misrepresented Barack Obama’s positions on taxes, energy and health care. The facts on McCain advertisements have been honestly discovered to be less than honest.

The McCain campaign management maintains that it stands by its tactics and the information provided by any ads. Both sides have announced that they deplore negative tactics. The Obama campaign has generally taken the high road and resisted the temptation to misrepresent. As of late, the straight talk of John McCain hasn’t been so straight, just direct.

On a telecast on The View on Friday, McCain claimed that his ads were not lies when confronted about them. Instead, he justified his tactics. “Have you seen some of the ads that are running against me?”

McCain has justified recent ugliness because Obama wouldn’t appear with him at town hall meetings for debate.

frozen straight talk

frozen straight talk

Unquestionably, politics is often a dirty business. The pressure to reveal the weaknesses and failures of opponents is a tried and true tactic that usually wields a measure of success. Integrity has been promoted as a stronghold of both campaigns. Instead, much of the recent campaign has been comparable to the substance of a playground brawl. McCain has shown himself to be lacking a measure of true integrity rather than simply being mistaken or misinformed. A true pattern of dishonesty is emerging. Some of the American public seems to be buying off on that dishonesty.

McCain has supported his tactics instead of blaming those tactics and foibles on someone else, like a manager or key staff position in his campaign. In that regard, he does show a measure of integrity and responsibility. However, 26 years of old guard politics in the Senate has obviously distorted his clarity of thought, compromised his character and willingness to run on the straight talk and issues that he proclaims. Honor comes with at least a certain amount of honesty.

The problem remains that other than a few key issues, both candidates’ social bias on the issues is very similar. The danger remains that McCain has adopted Bush Administration ideas and corporate politics to further his own interests. The country is in the midst of a crisis. We need a president that can provide true direction, not double-mindedness.
~ E. Manning


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