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Crisis and the Disgruntled American Taxpayer

September 19, 2008

Trust is a commodity that must be earned, not squandered.

Taxpayer Crisis

Taxpayer Crisis

The American public at-large is incensed. All morning Republican politicians and governmental authorities have been attempting to cover their political rear ends. There is plenty of finger pointing to go around and there has been no shortage of it this morning. The past Republican victory of glorious economic growth during the Bush administration has come home to rest because of laissez-faire economics, personal interest and corporate favoritism.

Perhaps no better place to take the pulse of the nation is on CSPAN. Most of the comments have been reasonably intelligent, but none of those comments was favorable to the current administration or excusing the cause of the crisis: the corrupt bankers and speculators that have brought the nation and the world to its knees. What is more, American citizens resent that they should pay a dime to bail out special interests that have made it big over the last eight years because of political favoritism and the Bush administration’s hands-off to regulation approach.

trust is a commodity

trust is a commodity

The idea that the American taxpayer should rightly be expected to bail out government and corporate bodies that for years have sought only their own interests has not set well with much of the population. Nobody wants to lose the trappings of success. Some Americans want accountability while politicians waffle. Politicians are devising crisis “solutions” right now with the idea of installing protections and regulations at a later time. That is patently unacceptable news that should cause a virtual “tea party” of passionate unrest.

Trust is a commodity that is to be earned and that commodity is in short supply, much like the gasoline that has fueled much of the nation this week. Politicians and regulators have proved that they are not up to the task when it comes to taking care of real business where the economy is concerned. The policies and attitudes that they have fostered literally promoted the banking, finance and mortgage industry corruption. Government guarantees on bonds and business interests have strapped American taxpayers into a hotbed of deceit, corruption and pandering as Republicans try to convince the nation that they are still worthy of trust.



Their is no accountability for the prospect of money. We are only told that hundreds of billions in bailout money is better than the alternative result. The idea is the same promotion of national security without pain or sacrifice that the administration has fielded from the beginning. Meanwhile, lax business practices and regulation continue to be rubber stamped, even though politicians are speaking against those practices to the public. Money runs like water and the result will be a thoroughly devalued and collapsed dollar.

Somehow, creative politicians claim to be protecting the American public. The public reality is that they are protecting themselves and all the power that is in place. “Capitalism” has been thoroughly nationalized and propped up in the name of America. Meanwhile, Congressional Democrats and a small body of incensed Republicans that are slightly more honest are saying that this bailout is risky and that success is not certain.

national security

national security

The idea of unity sounds good on the surface, but does nothing to address the criminal tendencies of the business world and politics that brought us here. The latest “Fifth Avenue Rush” is likely to end up as a con game of disaster based on special interests and short-term appeasement. We need a new government of the people, by the people and for the people as the U.S. Constitution prescribes. We are a long way from there today, resting firmly in the hands of socialists and fascists as they blunder through policy in the vain hope of filling their pockets tomorrow. Americans need to stand up and be heard, overturning the political corruption of the last eight years.

In short, you can argue any issue you want between all the parties. TRUST is the single issue left in this campaign, a commodity that is in very short supply. Don’t vote with politics or secondary single issues. Know who you definitely can’t trust and then vote your trust. ~ E. Manning

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