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John Sydney McCain III: The Audacity of Arrogance

October 7, 2008

This irritated sultan prefers diversion to solutions. How will you deal with this at the polls?



Senator John Sydney McCain, III is a man of comfortable means. Therefore, he has comfortably instructed his campaign to turn the page on matters economic. After all, the important thing from his perspective is to get himself elected President of the United States. To this end, the American people must certainly be amenable to more passionate discussions about topics less fiscally relevant from a voter’s personal vantage point. That seems to be what John “Sydney” McCain, III is commanding.

This man of means, who would be president, has apparently missed the fact that there are a record breaking number of problems and related questions requiring answers. He has also apparently not noticed the “figurative mob” with rocks and sticks gathering at the gates. In this case, America has polling places. The sparkle and shine has left the nation where “the streets were paved with gold.”

Many who seek some level of comfort, defined in terms far less lavish, are wandering the cold streets of America wondering if the American Dream has become a myth. Now there are questions for John Sydney McCain, III and those who have led us to this place. What is alarming is that we are being told to ignore the shocking signs for now and to simply turn the page. We are being told to busy ourselves while being fearful: condemning those willing to provide answers and who engage us in discussions about solutions.

another tirade

another tirade

There can be no arguing that when those in positions of power speak they often command the stage. As I listen now, I am hoping to hear the voice of calm, leadership and guidance with real ideas, not venomous tirades about fabricated villains while the National Treasury is being purged. For those that doubt, the treasury is being purged. John Sydney McCain, III may not have an interest in addressing your concerns about this right now. Beware of his message or rather any lack thereof. If you feed on the frenzy and foolishness that is being so recklessly tossed to you, beware that you may become just another one of John Sydney’s Simpletons.

The measure of a person who “willingly devalues their reasoning” in favor of that from the pulpit, a professor, a potentate or even a would be president, is easily surmised. Certainly there are many Americans who will blindly drink in the rhetoric of the historic right-wing philosophy, even in the name of patriotism. In this country, we (many of us) acknowledge that political ideology and subsequent choices of party affiliation are matters of individual preference. This was once a matter of logic stemming from real matters of concern and interest to voting constituencies. This is no longer the case in reality. Even in the past when such matters included positions and beliefs that were later proven misguided, most Americans understood. Often they did nothing, but they understood.

Today, many Americans don’t understand. They don’t have any idea how much money that they or this nation have lost or what to expect as a result. Citizens have no idea when or if they will salvage any substantial value in their homes, savings or investments. They have no idea if their jobs are reasonably secure or if the many challenges that this nation faces will be adequately addressed in the near term. John Sydney McCain, III prefers not to discuss pressing matters of real relevance.

McCain has wistfully shooed you away like an irritated sultan, then tossing a few colorful stones on the floor for you to scramble about in excitement. The stones of fear, religion, ethnicity and radicalism. Let the peasants that have been robbed fight among themselves over the meaningless, because all this talk of money bores and confuses John Sydney McCain, III. It makes him uncomfortable, and he is accustomed to being very comfortable.

competitive trial by fire

competitive trial by fire

But where is the wisdom and practical logic in this obsession with devilish diversion? The talk of pastors, the so-called questionable friends and illicit contributors and ethnic fright that draw some into an angry frenzy are not ingredients in a potion that will fix our problems or provide answers. And if I am mistaken, then I have a few questions. When will rumor mongering about ethnic names resolve the problems related to comfortable millionaire CEO’s who raided Wall Street? When will religion or the antics of an extremist former pastor ease the sub-prime mortgage crisis? When will the activities of a radical group more than forty years ago provide health care or educational benefits for our children and our veterans? How will attempting to make your opposition opponent appear to be “risky” provide insight into any possible conclusion to a war that has claimed thousands of American lives at a cost nearing a trillion dollars? And most importantly, does John Sydney McCain, III understand that many Americans recognize political smoke and mirrors. And we know who the man behind the curtain is.

We should have expected as much. There is nothing you can point to in the life of this man that is not openly and grotesquely tainted. He is a scandalous master of massive failure, in spite of tremendous advantage. And he has found a way to make a mockery of everything from his college education to marriage and relationships, airmanship, and his senatorial legacy. Everything both personal and professional has been air brushed like a soiled and faded painting and presented in his embellished books and biographies. Beautifully packaged stories to be purchased in the 20th century “hero worship” section of your local book store. As if the many well known horrors of his life (like this current economic crisis) can be dismissed at his convenience. There is a very clear and very real pattern here. Abandon ethics when personally or politically expedient or advantageous. Lie by omission or with intent and use threats and fear woven in a see thru garment of imaginary patriotic monocultural social ideals to divide people. This is a very clear pattern, nothing like the loosely woven pattern like he would seduce you into believing exists in his opponent.

McCain's gamesmanship at the table

McCain's gamesmanship

How dare he descend to gamesmanship when the uncertain futures of hundreds of millions the claims to put first languish in tense economic uncertainty. This is a “country first” moment. And the first thing John Sydney McCain, III decides is that he does not want to talk about it anymore. It is worth remembering that this is also the man who along with his lovely wife made it clear that his campaign would not stoop to unseemly tactics in his quest for the presidency. But I don’t imagine he wants to talk about that either right now. When I see a man of this age who casually dismisses responsibility and his failings and who demonstrates ruthless and desperate “wilding” tendencies I am both saddened and frightened. Frightened by the “audacity of arrogance” in one who has revealed historic and record setting numbers of callous failures that litter his path of life. And yes, I am also saddened because he has now capitalized on another massive opportunity to fail on a grand scale and to do so on the world stage. It is difficult to accept at this point that such a man could have come from such proud beginnings. From generations of distinguished service and accomplishment came the McCain family “black sheep”. One who would tarnish its public image and destroyed a legacy so carefully crafted for him by destiny. Where are the true stories of hard work, sacrifice and intellectualism that would have certainly been flowing through this family bloodline? And what caused this man to sink into self absorption and to abandon all that he was fortunate enough to receive, chasing the ghost of power, greed and adulation.

As so many Americans struggles to regain their breath after being kicked in the stomach by the privileged and greed obsessed, I see fire in their eyes and I hear anger in their words. People of all party affiliations and people spanning the socioeconomic strata. People of various hews and faiths are demanding anwers and they are in no mood to be dismissed. Not these hardworking Americans who did it right. Not these Americans who clutch the power of the vote and to whom John Sydney McCain, III scoffed and said turn the page. Tragically he does not realize that politically, they intend to do precisely that.

Soon John Sydney McCain, III will recognize that his life has played out as one of the saddest of tragedies…beyond his being very materially comfortable.

© 2008 Leon A. Walker

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