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Fake Voter Registration: Who Needs It?

October 12, 2008

The debacle involving fake voter registration through activist groups is a blight on America’s voting system. Recently in the news, ACORN or the “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now” faces allegations regarding fraudulent voter registrations across the country.

There has been no evidence of actual voter fraud because voters have yet to go to the polls. The attempt at voter fraud could prove otherwise. Elections officials that have discovered voting application irregularities will be sending their information to prosecutors, who will determine whether any investigation will begin. Why would an activist group do such a thing? It all about funding and the perception of value mixed with ambition. When an activist group supports a candidate and encourages a large number of American voters to sign up, this increases the perception of power and favor politically for that group. The group gains respect because it can get results that politicians need, in many cases, more voters that may favor the candidate that are promoted by the activist group. Any activist group desires to justify its’ existence in the desire to collect donations. Money and the perception of power are always in the cards.

The media presents an attorney for ACORN as clueless where voter registration abuse and fraud is concerned. The average attorney knows better than anyone regarding the base instincts of the human heart, especially where politics are concerned.

Insisting that faulting ACORN or other activist groups somehow suppresses votes is a mute point. Real voters displaying proof of identification cannot be faked. The real problem lies within the influence connection that activist groups can come to yield in the political process through dishonesty. On a smaller scale, competition between members of any group or between group divisions can be a powerful motivator.

Without question, American citizens should be encouraged to vote as it suits them. Making the process convenient and the process easy works for the system in general. The government on multiple levels already encourages voting to a sufficient degree without involving activist groups. Quite honestly, the nation doesn’t need activist groups or any other group getting involved in the actual collection of voter applications. Why?

The information on those forms is usually highly private and usually involves private and secure information that is already subject to abuse. Depending on the state, some of that information could be used to open credit accounts and the like. For example, in Tennessee, the voter registration form contains all the information necessary for identity theft. It is harzardous enough to place the convenient fold-over form in the mail without putting the form in another larger envelope to keep prying eyes out. Even then, the possibility of tampering goes on. Anyone foolhardy enough to trust significant personal information through a third party should be severely questioned. There is no patriotic excuse that can justify questionable procedures and processes in the political process that can endanger Americans privately or the political process. That is the bottom line. ~ E. Manning

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