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Electoral Inspiration from Alfred E. Neuman

October 16, 2008

Winners and losers still abound in this electoral election and nation. It just depends on who you are and who you ask.

McCain isnt Bush

McCain isnt Bush

After reviewing the third and final debate last night, Joe the plumber seemed to be the clear winner. Now the local government is after him for back taxes and his reputation is being further besmirched as the media uncovers another imperfect American life.  Now, the word is that poor Joe isn’t even a licensed plumber, which has the city of Toledo in fits. Media attention is much like a steel brush on the fabric of life. Clearly, the political debate blew Joe up into superstardom: a man that would seek to be an entrepreneur even if he won’t make that $250,000 belt notch that the candidates kept talking about. Most hard-working Americans won’t see that kind of money, owe plenty of taxes, are often behind on child support and don’t have the education that they need to prosper. That, my friend, is still the outlook of much of America: undereducation and underemployment. The winner of the debate clearly depends on the proclivities and tendencies of the individual viewer, although America finally discovered that John McCain isn’t actually George Bush. It came straight from the horse’s mouth.

More interesting has been the Alfred E. Neuman…er, Smith Dinner for Catholic Charities where John McCain and Barack Obama participated in light heart banter lightly reminiscent of a Dean Martin roast. Even Joe the plumber was on topic. Cardinal Egan sat between them to keep the jovial atmosphere. Both comedians made Bill Clinton a star of the show and he wasn’t even there. Hillary Clinton pretended to yuck it up though. Somehow McCain and Obama managed not to break dishes even though Obama introduced his new comedy routine on the economy with the intent of winning the election.

Obama even admitted to being from the Planet Kryton, hence his unique name. Even the media, paparazzi and God were fair game for comedy. Obama turned from humor to the reality of the economy diverting to the spiritual. The dinner raised 2.5 million and Barack Obama still talked about the economy as he should. Life isn’t just about fun and games. Egan prophesied that in eight years, he would still be there on the right hand of God to forgive the candidates for their sins. Now that is humor. I learned more about the candidates at this dinner than from the last round of debates. ~ E. Manning

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