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The Election: Tennessee Seniors Support Hotline to Heaven

November 2, 2008

From the humble beginnings of this nation, Reformationists, otherwise known as Puritans came from overseas seeking freedom from religious oppression. From these beginnings sprang our government and its’ Constitutional ideals built on freedom. The Puritans were not sour legalists, but realized the importance of the religious freedom that they endured hardship for, while working to extend that to others.

The media and some politicos spend quite a measure of time to make points about legalistic right-wing conservative Christians that seek to mandate agenda through the support of their own views. It is true that many Christians have been manipulated through politics in the last few elections, both from pandering and fear. One such evidence is a political culture of repeated chain emails among Christians that support rumors and strong, often arbitrary opinions.

However, a grass roots movement of Christians aren’t looking to forward an exact political agenda beyond the guarantee of freedoms asserted by the U.S. Constitution. They aren’t necessarily looking to vote anyone out of office directly outside the will of the people. They aren’t looking to support the concept on heaven on earth as the Catholic Church promotes in an effort to stubbornly control politics and world events.

Instead, they seek unity in prayer, earnestly praying for those in powerful positions with the idea of promoting as much positive goodness on the earth as possible as well as the spread of their beliefs. Instead of complaining and fearing, they gather to pray for national healing and the end to political corruption. These Christians realize that American citizens have voting rights and don’t endeavor to influence those rights or decisions. Instead, they seek to influence the power of good for all that are elected to public office.

Interest and willingness to support either political candidate does exist in a body of people that want to push for what is right by Biblical standards in general. Small meetings are springing up all over the country before the election to support the idea of American national cleansing and prosperity through corporate prayer.

One such meeting was held this weekend in the Nashville, Tennessee area among Seniors at Cumberland View Towers. To many unfamiliar with spiritual matters, this is a foreign idea that makes little sense. To those that hold belief in power of the Supreme God through Jesus Christ, this prayer is a natural extension of how they live their lives.

Most Americans realize the strong importance of the election in deciding the nation’s future. Many citizens see America as failing and on its’ last legs, foundering in apathy and corruption. Others are more hopeful. Many people aren’t blogging and surfing the net to find solutions or to ease their minds. Instead of leaving matters to chance, some, like the Seniors at Cumberland View Towers, are deciding to get on the hotline to heaven while leaving voting to personal conscience. A grass-roots body of Christians believe that God’s Will is not strictly party politics and sharing an overall view of fear, but the willingness in to believe in a better future and act on that belief. ~ E. Manning

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